Jodie May

A Michigan mother was arrested for taking away her 15-year-old daughter’s iPhone as a form of discipline after she misbehaved at school. Jodie May was nursing her newborn baby when an officer cuffed her and hauled her off to jail.

May was stunned that she was arrested for disciplining her daughter in her home. She told WOOD-TV she took away her daughter’s iPhone after she got in trouble at school.

“I would like answers on why it got so far and how it got this far where this happened within my home. I’m disciplining my child, then I’m being the one handcuffed,” Jodie May told WOOD-TV.

May was nursing her 4-week old baby the day before Mother’s Day when a deputy entered her bedroom and told her she would be arrested on a misdemeanor charge for stealing her daughter’s iPhone.

“He had told me that he was going to arrest me, and I asked him if I could turn myself in on that Monday by myself, that I had a new baby. She wasn’t taking the bottle yet,” she said.

But the deputy declined her offer and hauled her off to jail. May was released on $200 bond two hours later.

Prosecutor Ron Frantz defended the deputy’s decision, saying May never told the arresting officer she was disciplining her daughter.

But May says she did tell the deputy up front.

May’s ex-husband pressed charges alleging she stole the iPhone he gifted his daughter for Christmas.

A few minutes into her court hearing, the assistant prosecutor dropped the charge, and May left the court a free woman.

“I believe the prosecutor knew the whole time. It was an easy question to have answered,” May said.