Cardi B, Baddie, Jade

The curvy sisters who were attacked by Cardi B and her crew at a strip club where they were bartending are suing the rapper for causing bodily injuries and other damages.

The sisters, Jade and Baddie G, were serving drinks at Angels strip club in Queens, NY on August 29 when Cardi’s crew entered the club and allegedly attacked them.
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The sisters allege that Cardi, 25, and her crew threw bottles at them, causing bodily injuries.

The troubled rapper allegedly ordered her entourage to attack Jade, whom she believed was sleeping with her husband, rapper Offset. The Migos rapper has four children by 3 baby mamas.

The sisters, whose real names are Rachel Watley, 21, and Sara Watley, 23, are allegedly suing their former employer who fired them and banned them from the club after they filed a police report against Cardi.

Cardi, whose government name is Belcalis Almanzar, turned herself in to police in New York City last week. She was booked and released with a summons to appear in court. She faces up to 10 years in prison if she convicted on all charges.

Offset consoled Cardi by leasing a pricey Lamborghini SUV for her — even though she doesn’t have a driver’s license. Offset surprised her by faking a health scare at the couple’s Buckhead mansion.