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Bow Wow and his voluptuous girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie, are history. But before they split, Kiyomi tried to fight rapper-turned-reality star Lil Mama.

On Thursday’s episode of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, viewers saw why Bow Wow and Kiyomi called it quits.

Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, said it all unraveled when he and Kiyomi showed up at the Songwriter Hall of Fame event where his pal Jermaine Dupri was being honored.

Bow Wow invited Lil Mama over to his table for a drink. Before she left, they hugged, and Kiyomi flipped.

“Tell that b*tch if she don’t watch her hands, she gonna get beat the f*ck up!”, Kiyomi yells in his ear.

Later, Kiyomi said, “I want all these ho*s to know to keep it cute when it comes to Shad Moss, b*tch, cause I will get out of line, ho*,” she says.

It all seems very scripted, but this is what the kids are watching nowadays. The important thing to remember is, Kiyomi is single and ready to mingle!

Watch the clip below, if you care.

Photo by Prince Williams/