Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams’ student activism days may come back to hurt her. A photo has surfaced showing the gubernatorial candidate burning the Georgia state flag in 1992.

The photo mysteriously surfaced on the eve of the first televised debate between Abrams, a Democrat, and her Republican opponent, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

The old newspaper photo shows a slender Abrams participating in the burning of what was then the Georgia state flag during a protest at the state Capitol in 1992.

Abrams, 44, was a freshman student at Spelman College in Atlanta at the time of the protest.

Stacey Abrams burns flag in protest

Abrams said she participated in a legally permitted protest of the state flag which bore a symbol of the Confederacy.

The state flag has undergone two revisions over the years and no longer bears the image of the Confederacy.

Brian Kemp and his allies are using the image to prove Abrams is “too extreme for Georgia.” But Abrams’ supporters have rallied around her, saying Kemp is trying to steal the election from Abrams.

Kemp was heavily criticized for purging 300,000 registered voters from the state rolls because they did not vote last year.

Abrams accused Kemp of using his position to gain an unfair advantage over her in the upcoming midterm elections.

Past candidates who were secretary of state stepped down before running in local elections.

Photo by Prince Williams/