Trump text

At 2:18 PM today President Trump will send an unblockable text alert to every smartphone in America as he tests a new emergency system.

The Presidential text alert is part of the new Wireless Emergency Alert System. Trump is said to be testing the system as an alternative to in case he decides to by pass Twitter and send unblockable mass texts to every American.

There is no way to block Trump’s text from coming through to your phone. Some Americans are taking drastic action to block Trump’s text message.

Thousands of millennials are reportedly breaking their phones so they won’t receive the text alert from the president.

A viral meme on social media urges millennials to smash their phones to block Trump’s text. Others plan to turn off their phones at the appointed hour. But turning off the phone won’t block Trump’s text alert. The text alert will be waiting when the phone is turned back on.

The Presidential alert will also be sent via the Amber Alert system and the Emergency Broadcasting System on televisions.

To avoid panicking the U.S. population, the government is getting the word out through the news media and social media that the Presidential alert is only a test.