Jamaican dancehall star Spice angered her social media followers by continuing to wear light makeup and live life as a LSLH (light-skinned, long hair) woman. The reality TV star called out the hypocrisy of dark skinned people bleaching their skin in her new music video “Black Hypocrisy”.


But days after her music video debuted, Spice is still wearing makeup to cover her cocoa brown skin — which infuriates her fans.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star posted a photo on her Instagram page on Monday, along with the caption:

“On my way to wash my van, but want you to know that I see all the comments. Now every one begging me back for the “Black” spice but did they appreciate the “black” spice when i was repping for dark skin women for 30 years.”

Spice shamed her fans for criticizing her newly lightened skin, while at the same time shaming her for being Black.

“So should i haunt you with #coconutmilk for 30 more years ? I hear some say ok spice we get it now and i learn my lesson but have you ? They say it’s Make up but is it ? Captured mix tape drops this friday Nov 2nd and so will the truth.”

But her fans were not impressed.

One IG user wrote: “I’m just wondering if she hasn’t become a hypocrite herself? I mean she says she’s proud of herself and loves herself but she took off the whole of her skin”.

Another IG user wrote:

“I just feel like after your message you should go back to your normal skin to stand on it ….how you gone tell black girls love they skin but go and bleach yours come on man yess we get it now go back black spice !!!”

Others say Spice loves the attention she’s receiving as a LSLH woman, and she may never go back to Black.

Spice’s mixtape drops on Friday, Nov 2nd.