Off Sessions, Donald Trump Jr

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been fired after a year of tumultuous bickering with President Trump about the way he handled the special counsel’s probe into possible Russia collusion.

According to published reports, Sessions was allowed to resign to save face.

Sessions and Trump faced off on social media and behind closed doors after the president expressed his disapproval over the way Session ran the Justice Department.

Trump was particularly annoyed that Sessions recused himself immediately after Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to head the Russia investigation.

Trump reportedly believed Sessions was a traitor who was embedded with the so-called “deep state” of establishment politicians who wanted him impeached.

Trumps’ frustration with Sessions came to a head in May, when Trump tweeted that he wished he hadn’t chosen Sessions as head of the Justice Department.

Sessions fired back at Trump, saying he wouldn’t bow under political pressure.

Political analysts predicted Trump would wait until after the midterm elections to fire Sessions.

Photos by Zach Gibson/Getty Images, Win McNamee/Getty Images