Donald Trump Jr

Now that the hotly contested midterm elections are over, and the Democrats have retaken the House, Robert Mueller is preparing to issue more subpoenas.

Donald Trump Jr. says he believes his name might be on one of those subpoenas.

Last year, Don Jr. testified that he never informed his father of a meeting with Russian officials promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

Now it appears that Mueller may have proof that conflicts with Don Jr’s testimony.

According to, Don Jr. is telling friends that he believes he will be indicted.

Mueller was appointed special counsel shortly after President Trump took office. He was tasked with proving the Russians meddled in the elections.

Over the past 2 years Mueller has not found any evidence of wrongdoing against the president.

Mueller has had to settle for going after members of his inner circle.

Trump’s former consigliere Michael Cohen plead guilty to campaign finance fraud and interfering with the election. Cohen is awaiting sentencing.

Mueller is due to submit a final report on the Russia investigation to the Justice Department in the coming months.