Idris Elba

A British toy manufacturer mistakenly created a Montel Williams doll that they named after British hunk Idris Elba. Despite the mixup, the $1,100 Idris doll flew off store shelves!

Black Twitter directed hateful tweets at the Twitter feed of Emperis toy manufacturer when the “Idris” doll was posted on the toy maker’s website.

The doll caught the attention of Montel who thought the doll was modeled after his likeness.

Montel tweeted: “Ok, so I guess I have a doll now.”

But others informed him that the doll was actually named after Stringer Bell, aka Idris.

Black Twitter accused the company of trying to make a fast buck by fooling Idris fans into believing the slow-selling doll was really their idol.

But it seems all the bad press had positive results, as the “Idris Elba” doll sold out quickly at $1,100 each!

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