Joe Budden, Cyn Santana

Men tossing their sons into the air is a time-honored bonding tradition. You hardly ever see a wife or girlfriend standing thisclose to a man as he bonds with his son.

Joe posted this image on his Instagram page with the caption: “When there’s a clear difference in parenting styles,” with a laughing emoji.

Sadly, that’s not what social media users see.

What they see is a mother who is fearful that her man is going to drop her baby.

That’s a shame, because they seem like a beautiful couple. But there is zero trust between them.

Most women trust that their child is in good hands with their baby’s father. Mommy usually stands back and laughs or take photos of the cute scene.

But look at the fear in Cyn’s eyes. She knows something we don’t know. Like maybe Joe has dropped the baby before?

Even if you are a doting dad, you only have to drop a child once, and the mom will never trust you again.

Joe and Cyn welcomed their son Lexington Budden last year. Lexington is the first child for Cyn, 26, and the second son for Joe, 38.

Both Joe and Cyn are alumni of reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: New York. Joe is currently co-host of “State of the Culture,” a late night talk show on Revolt TV.