Wendy Williams

Danny, Head of Publicity & Communications for Wendy, Inc., reached out to Sandrarose.com to correct information in my post regarding Wendy Williams’ shoulder injury.

As I told you yesterday, Wendy, 54, fractured her right shoulder on Sunday. She returned to her popular daytime talk show on Tuesday, wearing a sling on her right arm which she concealed under a pink sweater.

According to Danny, Wendy mentioned the fracture on her show on Tuesday, but she did not say she fell at home. She did not say she “fell” at all.

Danny wrote: “Wendy never actually said that she took a “fall in her home” as your headline, URL link to article and opening sentence in the article state.”

He continued: “When Wendy mentioned the fracture on the show this morning, she didn’t even provide a reason as to how the fracture occurred or happened, only saying that it happened on Sunday.”

It isn’t clear where Wendy suffered her injury.

My previous post was edited to remove references to a fall “at home”.

Watch Wendy explain her injury below.