Khloe Kardashian and True Thompson

The other day, a loyal reader asked your auntie to post a list of things we should leave behind in 2018. A few of you emailed me with a list of trends or fads that you want gone in 2019 — including gossip blogs, which is not very realistic since we all gossip occasionally.

As 2018 draws to a close, let’s reflect on things that we would like to see gone in 2019.

1. Self-hate

This is a big one. So many of us hate the things about ourselves that makes us unique and beautiful: our skin tone and our natural hair. All over Africa, Black people are bleaching their skin to conform to white standards of beauty. Here in America, Black women proudly display bone straight hair weave. The effects of self-hatred can be seen on social media sites such as, where women who were Black just a few years ago are now 10 shades lighter. Even children have issues with low self-esteem on social media. We have to do better.


2. Narcissism

Some say social media is to blame for the alarming rise in narcissism. But narcissists were around long before Al Gore discovered the Internet (j/k). Social media enables narcissists to accumulate fake “friends” who “like” everything they post. Why work hard to achieve anything when all we have to do is press a button? Celebrities, in particular, have taken over social media which provides them with the narcissistic supply they crave. Psychologists say this generation will be the most narcissistic ever. Oh, goody.

3. Reality TV shows

I wish we could leave reality TV shows in 2018. Particularly the ones that feature Black women in a negative light. Yes, I’m looking at you Mona. Not one reality TV show uplifts Black women or portrays us as Black Queens.

4. Jacquees

Someone started a petition to ban Instagram singer Jacquees from ever doing music covers. Jacquees caught flack when he dubbed himself the best R&B singer of the modern era. His declaration drew responses from R&B greats such as Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat and even Sisqo. If you care to add your name to the petition, the link is here.


5. Culture vultures

Please leave Culture Vultures such as Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Bruno Mars, Post Malone, and French Montana in 2018.

6. Gun violence

I know this is unrealistic, but gun violence should stay in 2018. Too many innocents lose their lives due to man’s obsession with firearms.


7. Instagram models

Instagram models are average-looking women who use filters and other image altering tools to become every man’s fantasy on social media. They portray themselves as wealthy entrepreneurs and model expensive clothing, bags and shoes. In reality, they are store clerks, fast food workers and nannies who show off their employer’s material things as their own.


8. Sexual politics

I pray that the Democrats and liberals leave sexual politics in 2018. I pray that 2019 brings more awareness to the scourge of mental illness in our communities. Particularly in the LGBT community where mental illness is significantly higher than the general population.

9. The Kartrashians and the Jenners

Leave all of them in 2018, including the kids. Without the Kartrashian influence, maybe Kanye West will make great music again.

10. Hashtags

I wouldn’t be mad if we left hashtags behind in 2018. What good are they? Entire movements have been formed out of hashtags that destroy people’s lives over false accusations.

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