ASAP Rocky, Janelle Monae

Rapper A$AP Rocky wants a shot at Love with singer Janelle Monáe. In an interview with Ebro Darden for Apple Beats, A$AP asked, “Is Janelle Monáe single?”

A$AP, fresh off a Paris Fashion Week runway, poured out his feelings for the eclectic singer and actress who goes both ways.

“She’s so amazing and intellectually above all of us peasants,” Ebro said. “It’s intimidating,” A$AP replied. “We can’t even articulate the glow. We just fold up,” Ebro continued.

“Hopefully, man one day in my life I’ll be ready for a lady like her ’cause she fire!” said A$AP.

A$AP added: “When I be meeting her, I just want to keep it very respectful. I can’t even be a piece of shit. She’s precious.”

The R. Kelly scandal and #MeToo movements have forced rappers like A$AP to show a little respect for women. Recently, A$AP denied a fan a kiss on the cheek because he feared being accused of sexual harassment.

A$AP and Ebro spoke with such reverence and respect for Janelle, who has since stopped twerking in videos.

Yes ladies, your conduct and dress code dictates how men treat you. If you carry yourself in a respectful manner, like Janelle, you will be treated with the utmost respect.

By the way, below are my old pictures of Janelle from 2005 before the fame. Notice how Janelle looks exactly the same now as she did in 2005? What’s her secret?

Janelle Monae

Photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Sandra Rose/