Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett is upset that some of you still question his sincerity. The 36-year-old Empire star sat down with Robin Roberts for an exclusive Good Morning America interview that will air on Thursday on ABC network.

The emotional actor told Roberts he was “pissed off” at those who continue to doubt his claim that he was attacked by 2 masked Trump supporters in Chicago on Jan. 29.

“I’m pissed off,” he said.

“What is it that has you so angry? asked Roberts.

Smollett replied that he was angry at the attackers and the attacks, but mainly he was pissed that people don’t believe him.

“Oh, how can you doubt that? Like, how can you not believe that? It’s the truth. Then it became a thing, like, oh… it’s not necessarily that you don’t believe this is the truth; you don’t even want to see the truth.”

In an another video sneak peek, Smollett struggled to cry while discussing the alleged attack.

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The Empire star claims he was attacked by 2 masked men who beat him, poured bleach on him and looped a clothesline around his neck while shouting “ni–er” and fa–ot” at him.

Chicago police assigned a dozen investigators to the case and promised to bring the perpetrators to justice. But after poring over hundreds of hours of video footage, police were unable to locate a single frame that showed the attack.

Smollett’s behavior after the alleged attack quickly raised suspicions. He waited 45 minutes before calling 911, and when police arrived, he was still wearing the small rope looped around his neck. He also asked officers to turn off their body cams.

Police told the news media that Smollett was being uncooperative and refused to turn over his phone records so investigators could confirm the timeline of the alleged attack.

Smollett finally turned over a “heavily redacted” PDF file on Monday, which police rejected because it was useless to their criminal investigation.

As the walls close in on him, Smollet, who is openly homosexual, sat down with Roberts, who is openly lesbian, to plead his case in the court of public opinion.

An emotional Smollett told Roberts that he redacted (altered) his phone records to protect “personal contacts” or high-profile individuals not relevant to the alleged attack.

The consensus within the Chicago PD is that Smollett lied about the attack.

Sources say investigators believe Smollett was attacked by a man (or men) he met on a homosexual dating app within an hour after he landed in Chicago.

Smollett is reportedly desperate to keep the truth from coming to light.