Samia Gore

Samia Gore is the founder of BodyCompleteRX (BCRX). Her company is less than 2 years old and already topped $2 million a year in revenues. BCRX is one of the fastest growing health supplement and natural weight management brands on the market.

Gore is a wife and mother-of-4 whose not-so-traditional path to the 1% Club is an inspiration to Black women everywhere. As a federal executive-turned-CEO, Gore was pregnant with her fourth child and packed on 80 pounds of baby weight. This was a considerable amount of weight, and Gore knew she would have difficulty shedding the extra weight postpartum.

Gore’s struggle to lose that additional weight included plastic surgery known as a “Mommy Makeover” — a catch-all phrase referring to a specialized combination of body procedures to improve the lingering physical changes of post-pregnancy.

Before her surgeries, Gore was disappointed to find a lack of community and resources, so she took it upon herself to create the go-to online platform dedicated exactly to the do’s and don’ts of plastic surgery.

Soon after, Gore’s online community grew to over 145k followers which positioned her as an authoritative voice for plastic surgery. This led to the publishing of Gore’s first book, Plastica, a step-by-step surgery guide aimed at answering the queries Gore was receiving daily on social media about plastic surgery.

As a part of her continued health exploration, Gore began adding supplements into her routine. As a busy wife and mother, Gore sought organic alternatives that could provide her with increased energy levels and curb any unwanted hunger, all of which she shared with her loyal followers. As she documented what worked for her personally, a new venture arose.

Body Complete Rx kit

Gore, 37, set out to create a line of scientifically-proven, organic and natural supplement line, Body Complete Rx (BCRx). Although BCRx is relatively new, just 2 years on the market, the supplement line has garnered over $3.8 Million dollars in sales, making Samia the first African American CEO to break significant ground in this male-dominated, highly competitive, supplement industry.

BCRx is a scientifically-proven, natural weight management wellness and supplement company set out on a mission to help make women and men look good, feel good, and obtain personal health goals. The ingredients in all of BCRx’s supplements are organic, vegan, non-GMO, non-dairy and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) approved. All of BCRx’s natural ingredients are made in the United States in FDA approved facilities. The BCRx brand is entirely committed to spreading the message of self-care, optimal health, and clean nutrition to the global community. BCRx has been featured in Elle, Essence, OK!, US Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, and In Touch.

Photo by Jendayi Asha