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A Black journalists delegation headed by former CNN political contributor Roland S. Martin has put CNN on notice for its lack of Black executives in leadership positions at the cable news network.

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) said Tuesday it has placed CNN on a "special media monitoring list," citing a lack of Black leadership among the network's executive ranks.

In a statement, NABJ said its "preliminary research" found that there are no Black executive producers as well as no Black vice presidents or senior vice presidents reporting to CNN President Jeff Zucker on the news side.

The NABJ also complained that Zucker refused to set up a meeting with a four-person delegation to air out their concerns.

Zucker disputed the group's findings that there are no Black vice presidents on the news side, although the network declined to provide the name or position of the vice president or vice presidents.

The NABJ also addressed Zucker's refusal to meet with them because of "a personal issue between CNN and NABJ's Vice President-Digital Roland Martin".

In a statement, the NABJ cited Martin's meddling in a 2016 town hall debate between then-Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

"Previously, former Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile admitted... she inadvertently disclosed a town hall topic to the Clinton campaign that was part of Martin's research inquiry for the town hall," the NABJ statement reads.

CNN said in a statement shared with The Hill that it worked "for months" to schedule a meeting with members of the group's leadership team, but CNN said that it would not meet with Martin.

CNN said in the statement:

"For months, we have been working with NABJ to schedule a meeting because the relationship between CNN and NABJ is very important to us... Unfortunately, the significant and reckless damage that Roland Martin did to CNN while partnering with us during a 2016 Democratic Town Hall has made any meeting that includes him untenable.

"Mr. Martin displayed an unprecedented and egregious lack of journalistic ethics and integrity by leaking questions prior to the town hall. As a result, we have told NABJ that CNN will not participate in any meeting that includes him."

CNN said the offer to meet with the group - without Martin - still stands.

The NABJ said it plans to conduct further research and analysis on CNN's "diversity, inclusion and equity practices." The group is calling for a "civil rights audit" to examine CNN's "hiring, promotion and compensation practices involving black employees."

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    Who cares? Don’t mean anything because they will never allow us to have that kind of influence on that platform

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    Good morning garden

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    of course they did

  • iWasteTime

    Y'all see Viacom took all the informative programming off of BET
    Roland you're going to have to holla at Revolt or start something yourself bro.
    You can do the news from your home office, live on the YouTubes

  • Itzgoingdown2

    CNN's LaDonna Lemon has no BLACK AGENDA. He's on the air because he's GAY and to promote and push an EXTREMIST liberal, illegal immigration, homosexual agenda and to keep blacks mentally paralyzed with emotional bullchit to limit INDEPENDENT, CRITICAL BLACK THOUGHT. No heterosexual black man or BLACK WOMAN would still have a show if they had LaDonna's putrid low ratings.

    I’ve been warning you all about these LaDonna Lemon's and BLM Black Gays that White liberals are propping up and financing as the new black spokesmen and NEW LEADERS OF BLACKS. They gas blacks up 24/7 Pretending to be black militants on some fight the power, fight racism bullchit. However, they’ll always show their true colors and true intentions whenever the point is made that white liberals are a part of and help enable systemic racism. Watch how quickly they’ll flip and Start deflecting saying Blacks are doing great! We’ve made so much progress.... everything is wonderful! Just sit back and watch and observe their fvckery whenever white liberals and or homosexuality is challenged and questioned. Black blogs and black Twitter is infested with these girlymen agents and infiltrators.

  • Wile E. Coli

    Martin. One of the very dumbest people ever to sit behind a microphone. HE was FIRED from CNN for being an idiot. He's nothing.

  • Wile E. Coli

    "black agenda' lol.. and what would that be?

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    I'm mad at that silk scarf around his neck & the feathers coming out his blazer pocket.

  • Elevated Soul

    Roland Martin is a boule koon who buck danced for Hillary Clinton. Why should a koon like that have a national platform?

    Fake News is an extension of the Demoncratic Party and said establishment know that Roland Martin is not relevant to Blacks so he has been discarded by liberal media as well as by Blacks who seek alternative media like Tariq Nasheed or Professor BlackTruth or Yvette Carnell.

    Why are they arguring with CNN? Wasn't he on TV One? There is no one voice for Black people.

  • Renee26

    They're scared of what no holds barred Roland will have to say

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    He does... He has a channel

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  • TRUTHbeabsolute

    Self serving.

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    His Ascot is poppin... He's fancy leave him alone

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    Roland Martin is an obnoxious buffoon.

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    I thought he crammed a bird in there as a snack.

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    The ascots aren't flattering,

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    Cnn is the fake news. Why would anyone want to work there!?

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    ***falls to 1 knee*** Looking like Carl Winslow.

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    Well color me surprised! ? Roland Martin is hit and miss to me-he seems pretty zesty a lot of the time.

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    In this political climate, I don’t really care and long as them alabasters report the Truth about the shat going on in the White House.

  • AmericanDream

    Yeah you really think these Jews are interested in seeing you in positions of power ? Jeff ‘hippopotamus’ Zucker is as mediocre as it gets but he gets to have the top job belongs he belongs to the ‘tribe’

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    You couldn’t WAIT for this type of post Eh? Carry on

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    I think they feel that way with all blacks.. The truth hurts

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs
  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs
  • Topic Influencer

    NABJ. Really yall? Yall riding for Roland? I mean I GUESS.

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    Glad u said allllll of this.

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    I ain't saying nothing chile ... mouth shut .... patiently waiting on the next post!

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    This is nothing new. CNN and NBC which was also headed by Jeff Zucker are known for their racism towards black journalists. They show up at the black conferences and laugh at the young black journalists who interview. Roland knew this when he sat his black azz up there and worked for them. Now that he's blacklisted, he wants to file a complaint. Get the phuck out of here. Another one of those bourgeoisie blacks who only cares when it affects his paycheck.

  • Junkanoo

    We have to build our own and stop begging for a seat at their table. If they arent more inclusive by now they dont want to be. The bigger issue are the medias agendas , CNN helped push Bush jr lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq there were none but the media convinced us all other wise.

  • Topic Influencer

    I mean I love NABJ. But I dont think Ro is the person they should go to bat for. I guess since they stepped up for Jemele they feel like they GOT to for Roland. IDK. I kinda dont agree.

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    Roland Martin gets no respect!

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    Next time, would you be kind enough to ask me to leave? You did not have to knock me out. LMAO.

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    I remember when i first joined twitter. I followed Roland Martin and he tweeted non-stop. I unfollowed him because i was overwhelmed. I eventually followed him back and learned to deal with it or use mute.

    Roland has good info at times, but he is also a talker and I'm sure he has put his foot in his mouth one too many times.

  • Vonn

    He's hit & miss with me too, mostly miss thought. He's too pompous & grandstands too much for me. He's intelligent & well informed, but his ego gets in the way.

  • girlyardie

    Speak for yourself I am nobodies sheep b4 I saw that man running and ducking for his life I made own my conclusion, besides why would a country with some of its overy own citizens suffering and begging for recognition 4 century decades years would be so concern about another man country and not it's own people who are oppressed and still suffering.

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    Not LaDonna!!

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    I was sending you the holy ghost lol

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    The great good of the group is greater than one individual. If they have legitimate beef or not, he should move aside so the meeting can go forth.

    Why was his show on BET cancelled, seemed pretty popular?

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    Perfect analysis.

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    Can we get a post on Corey Feldman Tweets
    Did Ray J really tweet "You're welcome" after Kylie was announced youngest billionaire ever ... lol

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    Everything on BET gets canceled.

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    I like you! I don't follow anyone BUT you my dear will be the first.

  • T Willis

    Their complaints are too general and it makes it seem like they “have” to pick a person of color. Have any black ppl applied for executive leadership positions, but were denied for another person with less qualifications? After all the crying wolf that *some* black folks have *allegedly* done, we are going to start needing more verifiable proof before we just cape for other blacks. There is too much at stake for our community to be holding another L for some poc bullshit

  • hottlanta

    Love him or hate him. He gave Wendell excuse me Wendy the best read ever when she was having a all lives matter moment 2 try 2 diss hbcus.

  • Itzgoingdown2

    A BLACK AGENDA is an independent, separate and distinct ideology whose PRIMARY goal and objective is to create a plan and solutions for SIGNIFICANT economic, academic and social advancement of Foundational Black Americans (ADOS) and black immigrants who want to be a part of the Foundational Black American Community.

  • Wile E. Coli

    so.. it's a racist agenda. got it. What's wrong with an agenda that puts your education, family, responsibilities and honor first ? Do that and the rest comes.. in fact, you won't need the excessive racial undertones if you just get busy and become successful. But hey.. if you want to go through life carrying the weight of an entire group of people on your back.. by all means. Go for it. You may have to move to a country where everyone is your color because in a society which is NOT homogenous you do have to learn to get along and contribute.

  • T Willis

    Lol well he’s not wrong. Her association with him is what launched her career - and the career of her family - but it didn’t sustain them or their empires

  • Itzgoingdown2

    You're a tunnel vision, myopic, racist. Who said education, family and responsibilities isn't a part of what I just said? What in the hell do you think academic and social advancement means? Anyone who has read any of my comments understands that I believe you can't have productive communities without the traditional nuclear family and men/fathers/husbands in the majority of the homes. Go away lowlife racist.

  • Wile E. Coli

    None of that has anything to do with race. Settle down. If you can't have a simple conversation without going off the rails then you can't achieve your goals in life.

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    Roland looks like a black Danny DeVito to me.. Other than that I got nothing. It's too early need a coffee

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  • Itzgoingdown2

    Regardless of what you think deep rooted systemic racism exist in inner city schools, housing, employment and in politics. These are facts and the reason a BLACK AGENDA is needed. I'm done

  • Wile E. Coli

    control your anger. I am in agreement with you about everything but tying your success to an entire race of people.

  • Junkanoo

    Are you retarded foregein policies require our tax dollars so we are also accountable weather you care to admit it or not . Humanity is in crisis not just black people , HUMANITY ,

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    Somethin's off. Add a little bit of Jermaine Dupri, Dame Dash, and Down's Syndrome.

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    Gurrrllll. And gots a wyyyfffe? I know they be bumpin' hips when they in the mirror gettin' ready for work in the morning.

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    Roland, Obama is no longer in office so it's back to the regular quota of black faces on tv.

    You're welcome

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    Ya killin' me!

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    Thanks, it's painful, but thanks. ??

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    Lololol. Question-what’s going on in that avi of yours?

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    Screw him. Don't waste your breath.

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    Roland starving for a cheque lol but Angela Rye is in your place cooking, to look smart.

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    Your gravi is killing me. I wasn't ready.

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    You're right, Rye is a CNN contributor. I don't know about the CNN executives, but they have enough contributors IMO.

  • Li-Wright

    Black folk elitist and educators keep pushing the black agenda on these white organizations. I believe CNN is being bought by ATT or somebody so a lot of these demands will be pushed aside until the buyout is over.
    If Roland feels that CNN is doing wrong they should call for a boycott. Easy peezy.

  • Li-Wright

    There are other more "reasonable" black journalists to follow. Like you I had to "unsubscribe" from Roland's Youtube channel. He gets a call to appear on MSNBC every now and then, but he's not a fave among cable news, and that makes me wonder why?

  • Li-Wright

    Why you bringing NBC into this? MSNBC is diversiified to the ceiling, with blacks, asians, hispanics. Geez!

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    Panamanian Puff Cake

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    Right! Now replaced by new edition story reruns...

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    Lol, yep.

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    Should I google that while at work?

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    Lol! Continue to have a good day! ?

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    Welp, looks like CNN put Roland in his place.

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    SAMBO Roland

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    Are those feathers in his pocket in place of a pocket square...?

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    Roland S Martin looks like a trans man all day , its rear you see a biological male turn out to look trans man later in life .

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  • Dee Mitchel

    He leaked that information to CNN's Donna B. was his nail in his Journalist coffin. CNN is slowly closing the lid on him, note his presence on mainstream media since the DNC. Donna's coffin was nailed shut and lowered 6 feet. I guess Roland not happy until his is lowered too.

  • Panther Charleston

    Really. Boy, please. They done surpassed you a 1000x over. You need to be thanking them for giving you longevity.

  • Adam Fenix

    when you are thinking so deep.

  • Gina W.

    I did not know that RM was part of that leak! I'm stunned. I can't blame CNN one bit for not wanting to have any meetings with him. I wouldn't either. I will never believe another word that comes out of Brazille's mouth either. How unprofessional. Now he has his chest stuck out for equality. Boy, bye. Bring in someone with integrity on the NABJ because it isn't Martin.

    I remember when the Congressional Black Caucus kept telling the media how Bush refused to meet with them. Who the hell would want to meet with a group calling him names in the media? That's not how professionalism works. You can disagree and dislike him but bring some standards with you!! I never heard of MLK acting a fool over anyone who refused to meet with him who eventually did. And those Kennedys' initially didn't want to meet with any Black people let alone a movement leader.

  • Gina W.


  • Gina W.

    Right. Since learning this, RM is no better than someone who sells secrets to the National Enquirer but wants to be called a serious journalist. It shows a serious lack of integrity and where did it get them? Nowhere. Trump was elected while Hillary was so devoted to attacking the latest drivel he said about her daily that she never addressed what she wanted to do with the country!!

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