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Chelsea Manning, the former U.S. Army analyst who served 7 years in prison for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, was arrested Friday and ordered jailed without bond.

Manning, a transvestite who was born Bradley, was ordered to jail by U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton after a brief hearing in which Manning refused to testify before a grand jury investigating Julian Assange's anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks.

Manning, 31, reportedly objected to the secrecy of the grand jury process.

"These secret proceedings tend to favor the government," Manning told reporters before the hearing, according to The Washington Post. "I'm always willing to explain things publicly."

Manning's lawyers asked the judge to release Manning to home confinement due to the complications surrounding Manning's treatment for gender dysphoria and other mental problems.

Manning was arrested in May 2010 and court-martialed for leaking sensitive classified information to WikiLeaks while assigned to an Army unit in Iraq as an intelligence analyst.

Manning was charged with 22 offenses, including aiding the enemy - a charge which could have resulted in a death sentence.

Manning was sentenced to serve 35 years in the maximum-security U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth.

While in prison, Manning attempted suicide and went on a five-day hunger strike. After a favorable court order, Manning began taking female hormones in prison.

On January 17, prior to leaving office, former President Obama commuted Manning's sentence to time served after nearly seven years of confinement.

Manning lost a challenge to incumbent Senator Ben Cardin, of Maryland, for the Democratic nomination to the U.S. Senate in 2018.

  • Bossy704

    Them hormones ain't kicked in yet.

  • WinterIsComing

    Straight to Jail Don’t past GO. However, I do think grand jury proceedings are unconstitutional and they definitely favor the government, unless you’re a police officer because the burden of proof needed is a mile high.

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    thought this was Jeffrey Starr

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    I thought Chelsea Handler and had to look again and read again. lol

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    So is he transvestite or trans sexual

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    Who is that white man with lipstick on in the photo?


    "Transitioning" is not for everyone, Brad.....

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    Before I even scrolled past his mouth I thought...That's a man!
    wyte trannies could use help from Black ones to look more convincing.

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    and he still won't look feminine.

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    LMAO! Caitlyn Jenner is more convincing....and look how that turned out....

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    My dumb azz was saying..San was wrong for this that is not Chelsea Handler’s pic. ?. My apologies

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    They meant to say Charles "Chaz" Manning

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    Still waiting on 50 cent 2 go after chelsea for calling him the n word.

  • Shawn G Lindsey

    Pardoned by Barracski "Traitor boy" Obummer. Sounds like something he would do.

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    CLOCKABLE! He is a terror to look at.

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    His face needs to be contoured to the gawds, honey! lol!

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    Heck, I forgot all about Chelsea Handler. I thought it was Taylor Swift. ??

  • Nunya Business

    Actually didn't receive a pardon, which is a full expungement of the sentence like it never happened. Her sentence was commuted to 7 years time served which means that the conviction is still on her record. Similar but not the same at all. She still has the same difficulty I obtaining employment as anyone else with a conviction on their record. If she would have been pardoned there would be no record of conviction.

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    We'll be waiting till Nevuary on that one. .05 knows who to mess with.

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    Him and Bruce are in close contention for the ugliest dudes turned women.

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    Cues Aerosmith's song"Dude looks like a lady"

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    This dude should have just stayed a dude....He has brought a lot of shame to himself and the Army....SMH!!!!….Why sell your soul?

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    Yes,He sure is ugly!

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  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

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    He was on a crowded street in some city yelling the "N" word while his friends laughed and just let him. When he used to be on Myspace his videos were anti-dark skin...He's racist thats why when he did the laugh with Kim K there was so much backlash because before he got into the beauty market he was know to say the N word all the time..

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    they are going to make sure they punish her by making her miss her treatments and turn into a guy again. they were pissed when obama pardoned her.

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  • NeverSurprised

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    I thought it was Taylor Swift. I don't want to scroll up to confirm though. I'll just continue moving forward with my original thought.

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    Didn't Chelsea learn from the first time?

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    I thought Bradley was Taylor Swift. My apologies sir.

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  • Dowoop

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  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

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  • blue skies


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    Yall make jokes about her but atleast he/she was brave enough to put her life on the line and expose the government.

  • Jussjess25

    Yall make jokes about her but atleast he/she was brave enough to put her life on the line and expose the government.

  • Ken Hargrave

    It sad as it as true as it is. Their are is Black Men that would step over a good Black Woman to dig this thing out! Peace.

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    Bless her heart she looks like Mo Mo.

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