There is nothing worse for an Instagram star than to be “canceled” by her social media followers who butter her bread.

Jess Hilarious is the latest social media star to be unceremoniously “canceled” for racially profiling four passengers on a plane.

Instagram comedienne Jess Hilarious expressed her fears over four bearded men wearing turbans on her flight over the weekend.
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Jess noted that the plane was evacuated and the four male passengers did not return to the plane.

In a follow-up video, Jess claimed she was verbally attacked by outraged passengers who called her racist for expressing her fears on her Instagram stories.

Jess, whose real name is Jessica Moore, went on a profanity-laced rant against people who viewed her as a racist.

“F— y’all. I feel how I feel. I felt threatened, and that was that. F— y’all!” she said.

But after taking some time to think about her response (and how it hurt ticket sales to her shows), Jess swallowed a slice of humble pie and apologized for being too aggressive and for basically telling her followers to go f— themselves.

“I’ve been choked up about it,” said the comedienne, whose eyes were red from crying.

She repeated that she was not prejudiced or racist. Then she read a prepared statement apologizing profusely for racially profiling the four men. She denied her actions resulted in the men being kicked off the plane.

Jess also offered to donate $15,000 to the victims of the New Zealand shooter. She stated she was not aware of the massacre in New Zealand when she was on the plane.

Question: do you forgive Jess after her tearful apology?

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Recently, an “ordinary” looking white man shot and killed over 45 Muslims in New Zealand. Now, America is also dealing with an increase of mass shooters, who just happens to be white men. So, shouldn’t Jess Hilarious be more afraid of boarding an airplane with white males? Anyways, whatever she said about a nonblack person isn’t our concern. Our issue is how she consistently disrespects Black Society. ????????? Notice how there were people of all races and ethnicities disowning Jess for her comments. Yet, she chose to single out Black Americans in her aggressive response. And for those who think we’re taking her statements out of context. Understand, her “Raccoon Babble” was COMPLETELY out of context. So, that rebuttal isn’t going to work. ????????? In Jess’s recent past, she has made several disparaging comments towards the Black Community. For example, she disrespected Black Businesses, the Black Dollar, and our protest. And we realize comedians are allowed to say whatever during comedic acts. But her disrespectful remarks weren’t made during a standup. Her opinions were public. So, we’re allowed to take them PERSONALLY. ????????? Black Americans, when people disrespect us, we need to start canceling them instantly. We shouldn’t wait until their 4th incident or when their status declines. We need to cancel them IMMEDIATELY. Also, some Blacks are saying we need to stop criticizing her and stay on code. Stay on code? WITH HER!? This clown BEEN OFF CODE for YEARS. Her cancellation is OVERDUE. ????????? Therefore, if the Black Dollar and Black Lives doesn’t matter to Jess, then Black Support shouldn’t matter to her either. You can’t pick and choose what you want from Black Society. If she can take our support, then she should be able to take our criticism. And if she can single us out during her clap back, then we’re going to single out her content and IGNORE IT. ????????? #JessHilarious #NewZealand #ProBlack #BlackCommunity #BYNEWSTUDIOS

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