Two sets of brothers are being hailed as heroes after they turned the tables on two armed robbers while on Spring Break in Florida.

Three of the four men were visitors from Terre Haute, Indiana.

The men stopped at a Fort Lauderdale gas station to fill up their car, when an armed robber approached them and demanded money. “Give me everything you got,” he told them. So they did.

All four men fought back and managed to wrestle the gun away from the hapless robber. By this time, the robber’s accomplice joined the brawl. Both robbers were subdued and fled back to their vehicle. One of them begged for his gun back.

The men refused their request. They even yelled at the retreating robbers to “get a job, because they’re out here robbing people.”

Police later captured the driver, Kevin Campbell, but the gunman is still at large.

The four heroes said they were not afraid. “I knew there was a possibility that I could be shot and killed. But that’s my family,” said one of the brothers.