Nick Cannon, right, says he will complete the Dr. Sebi documentary started by Nipsey Hussle, left, before the rapper’s untimely death on Sunday.

The television personality vowed to take over where Hussle left off by completing the documentary about the trial of Dr. Sebi that ended with an acquittal in 1985.

A source close to Wild ‘n Out told HollywoodLife exclusively that Cannon won’t let Hussle’s death, or Dr. Sebi’s, stop him from continuing the work Hussle started on the Dr. Sebi documentary last year.

“Nick is one of the most outspoken celebs there are and he is not scared one bit to take on anything he truly believes in,” the source said.

“Nick is not going to let Nipsey’s death silence what he was hoping to achieve with this documentary. So if Nick can help in any way that is what he is going to do.”

Hussle believed Dr. Sebi had the cure for AIDS and that the government or pharmaceutical companies murdered him in order to protect their profits from sales of AIDS medications.

After Hussle’s death on Sunday, many of his grieving fans took to social media to blame a government conspiracy and “big Pharma” for hiring a “hit man” to have the rapper killed.

The wild conspiracy theories continued even after the Los Angeles police announced the killer was a two-bit thug named Eric Holder, 29, who held a petty vendetta against Hussle.


Dr. Sebi, real name Alfredo Bowman, was a self-professed “holistic healer” who claimed his potions and strict vegan and alkaline diets could cure cancer and AIDS.

His claims were never proven and he was dismissed as a quack by the medical establishment.

In 1987, Bowman was arrested in New York City and charged with practicing medicine without a license. Officials say he never held a medical license from an accredited school of medicine.

Bowman beat the charges after he was acquitted by a jury who claimed the state failed to show he was practicing medicine. The jury did not believe Bowman’s potions and oils were considered “medicine” since they did not contain medicinal properties.

Bowman signed a consent order promising to stop making false claims of miracle cures for AIDS, cancer, etc.

Specifically, Bowman and his associates (respondents) promised to:

“Stop distributing or publishing any advertisement, brochure or other printed matter or broadcasting any advertisement which claims, directly or by implication that respondents, their services or their products can cure, mitigate, or in any way relieve or alter the course of AIDS, herpes, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, lupus or any other human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition without a valid license to practice medicine…”

Bowman marketed himself as a faith healer and he gave health advice to celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Lisa Lopes, Steven Seagal, John Travolta, Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson.

Bowman was arrested and jailed upon arriving in Honduras on a flight in 2016. He was charged with money laundering after local authorities discovered $37,000 in cash in his briefcase.

Bowman died at age 82 from pneumonia en route to a hospital from a Honduran prison in 2016. He was survived by 17 children and multiple wives.

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