Rumors are swirling that Los Angeles police officials knew rapper Nipsey Hussle would be assassinated a day before they planned to meet with him to discuss gang violence in the inner city.

Director Mimi Hendrix posted a collage of clips from her documentary film on Nipsey who worked to revitalize the low income neighborhood in the Crenshaw district.

In the video clip, Steve Soboroff, President of the Los Angeles Police Commission, is heard confirming that Police Chief Michel Moore called him 15 minutes after Nipsey was gunned down on Sunday, March 31.

Soboroff said he received a call from Chief Moore who informed him that the 33-year-old rapper had just been “assassinated”.

The use of the word “assassinated” by a top law enforcement official – who surely knows the definition of the word – is troublesome to Nipsey’s fans.

The word “assassinated” is typically associated with the ambush-style murder of an important figure – such as a president – for political reasons.

It’s rare that top police officials would describe the murder of a rapper as an assassination, unless they knew Nipsey was killed for political reasons.

At the time he spoke with the police chief – 15 minutes after Nipsey was shot – neither man could have known the identity of the killer.


Another troublesome factor is high-profile attorney Chris Darden represents the killer, Eric Holder. Darden is the former LA District Attorney who unsuccessfully tried the O.J. Simpson murder case.

Nipsey’s fans are wondering who is paying for Darden’s very hefty legal bills.

Looking back at the surveillance video of Nipsey’s murder, it’s clear that the killer wanted to make sure the rapper was dead. It was overkill.

Exactly what you would expect to see in a murder-for-hire hit.

Photo by Francine Orr/ Los Angeles Times via Getty Images