Meek Mill claims a rich man once told him broke people spend their money before they earn it, while rich people spend wisely after they earn money.

The rapper made the statements during an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood on REAL 92.3 in Los Angeles.

Meek discussed rappers showing off their private jets and expensive rides on social media. He said being around millionaires and billionaires exposed the reality of broke rappers showing off their leased possessions on social media.

“I hang around some heavy millionaires and billionaires, but they laugh at” rappers displaying material wealth that depreciates quickly.

He said millionaires wonder ‘Why are you showing that? Why? What is the point?'”

The rapper said one wealthy guy explained the time honored process of getting to the riches.

“He told me broke people spend before they get it, rich people spend after they get it.”

Meek said, “A lot of people with the mind frame of being poor, you spend it as soon as you get it.”

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Meek defended his own ostentatious displays of wealth on social media, saying he flosses to inspire others.

Meek said he was inspired by former NBA star Allen Iverson who rode around his Philly neighborhood in fine cars and dripping in diamonds.

“It changed me because I never seen a Black man come through, like, in luxury. So it made me want more. Standing on the corner seeing failure every day. It looked like I just seen success ride by me [sic], and that motivated me to not want to be normal. So when I do it on Instagram, I try to, like, just touch the people that – they call it lower class, we got extreme lower class where people, like, sleeping on the floor.”

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Meek recently missed out on a $450,000 paycheck after Philadelphia judge Genece Brinkley mishandled his request to travel to Dubai for work.

Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin revealed Meek was denied permission to travel to Dubai for a show that would have paid him $450,000 in American dollars.

Meek’s team reportedly submitted the request to the judge and followed proper protocol ahead of the March 15 deadline. But Judge Brinkley missed the approval deadline by four days. Rubin believes Judge Brinkley’s failure to approve the request in a timely manner was an intentional act to screw Meek over.

Last month, Rubin also called out the judge for denying Meek’s request to travel to Toronto, Canada to attend Game 1 of the 76ers vs Raptors NBA playoffs series.

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