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Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Clothing Company is doing brisk business online. But customers are complaining that they haven’t received their orders after paying for their merchandise with credit cards.

Business was great before, but now the orders are off the hook ever since the 33-year-old rapper was gunned down outside his store in March. The staff is having difficulty keeping up with the orders – and tensions have begun to flare online because customers see rappers and ball players getting their merchandise on time.

The drama started when former NBA player Matt Barnes took to his Instagram page to speak on the widespread complaints and to share his experience while shopping at the Marathon store last week.

“Wanted to speak on this real quick.. I was in the store last week to buy stuff for the family & when I posted what I bout on my story I got a lot of DMs w people telling me they ordered stuff & never got it. When I tell you that store was FILLED w fed ex boxes for everyone’s orders. They gonna get y’all right!”

One customer responded on Barnes’s Instagram page, saying it’s great that he received his things, but Marathon staff should at least answer her emails.

“my mom was sic for 5 months nobody gave a f*ck & my rent be due I got a business too! I would’ve never allowed 2 million orders after your owner dies people spent their hard earned money supporting this store at least they could answer my emails after waiting a month and no confirmation or tracking number! But you celebrities get all access to all the clothes while I wait a month for my stuff! That’s wrong! That’s now ho your run a business! My money maybe nothing, but I work my ass off & I support black business wen I can! I got did shady [sic] that’s not right!”

Barnes, in his characteristically misogynistic style, responded back:

“You’re a fuckn clown.. make your own sweatshirt then you won’t have to wait for shit! I tell you some people don’t get it. God bless you & your family”.

A Marathon employee addressed the issue by posting a message to customers on social media.

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