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A wannabe rapper confronted 50 Cent in person after the rap mogul declined to listen to music on the guy’s Instagram page.

The hapless rapper who goes by the name NFL DUME approached 50 Cent who was walking with his girlfriend outside a strip mall.

Los Angeles radio station KDAY 93.5 posted video of the confrontation on, along with the caption “This guy really confronted @50Cent because he wouldn’t check out his IG?!”

In the video, DUME asked 50, “You gonna hit me? You gonna hit me because I’m telling you I got talent? That’s how you feel?”

Fiddy’s response is unintelligible because his back is to the camera.

“Look at my IG at least,” DUME pleads, as 50 Cent’s busty female friend looks on with amusement.

“You gonna hit me, go ahead,” says the petite man, as Fiddy realizes the scene is being recorded by a witness on a cell phone.

The bystander tells 50 Cent that the distressed rapper just wants him to look at his Instagram page.

“I just wanted you to look at my Instagram,” DUME tells Fiddy.

“Are you crazy? It’s not going to work,” says 50 Cent.

Twitter users noted that Fiddy’s quiet, mousey demeanor is a far cry from the aggressive keyboard gangster he portrays on social media.

The “In Da Club” hitmaker has earned a reputation as a loan shark and online debt collector, using his social media accounts to publicly shame those who allegedly owe him money.

The 43-year-old music mogul has previously embarrassed and humiliated singer/songwriter Teairra Mari and actor/producer Jackie Long, as well as Randall Emmett, a fellow producer on Power, for allegedly owing him money.

Social media users advised 50 Cent to hire a bodyguard. He’s lucky the confrontation didn’t end in bloodshed.