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As some of you know, your auntie used to be a regular at strip clubs back in the day. I befriended quite a few girls who allowed me to photograph them while they worked to earn enough money to feed their children and keep a roof over their heads.

While most strip club patrons pay to see the women dance topless, the real show takes place back in the locker room where the dancers resolve numerous disputes with their fists.

You can always tell when the strippers are fighting because a small crowd forms near the entrance to the locker room.

The infamous Body Tap, which is now shuttered, was owned by a woman, Veronica, who did not tolerate fighting in her establishment.

Strippers usually fight over money and customers.

The popular strippers have their favorite customers who spend money on them and them only. If another dancer encroaches on her favorite customer, the fists will fly. Some of the ladies are professional enough to wait until they get back to the locker room to settle their disputes.

The women usually aren’t hurt during the nightly scraps. The damage is limited to hair extensions littering the floor along with broken acrylic nails.

I miss those days.

CAUTION: Videos contain scenes of partial nudity that may not be suitable for the workplace environment.


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