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Last week in Ohio, fierce public backlash forced the cancellation of a “Drag 101” class to teach teenage boys how to apply makeup and wear drag like their mothers.

The Delaware, Ohio County District library was forced to cancel the “Drag 101” class under threats or murder and bloodshed. The backlash to the drag class for boys was so furious that the organizers refuse to say where the next class will be held – out of an abundance of caution for the safety of the participants.

Similar “drag boys” classes are being held around the country, in libraries in mostly liberal cities. The targets of the classes are boys between the ages of 12-17.

Parents are concerned that these classes are grooming their sons to participate in the LGBT+ lifestyle. “It’s nothing to do with sex or gender identity at all,” insists Drag Queen Selena T. West, one of the class organizers.

On Thursday, Vice Canada triggered Twitter users by posting a video of drag boys with the caption, “These kids are the next generation of drag queens.”

The tone of the comments under the video were overwhelmingly negative.

One user tweeted: “If you can’t see that this is extremely age-inappropriate then there’s no helping you.”

“I just see child abuse and parental neglect,” another user wrote.

A third user wrote, “And you’re sexualizing them. which is criminal. Doom on you, VICE.”

June is Pride Month in America.