Reports that DJ Khaled threw a tantrum at his record label over the sales of his album, Father of Asahd, were greatly exaggerated. A source says Khaled's anger had nothing to do with the record label or his label mate Tyler, the Creator.

Khaled's album, Father of Asahd, failed to debut at number 1 on the album charts. Father of Asahd landed at No. 2 on the Billboard album and streaming charts behind Tyler the Creator's critically acclaimed album Igor.

Multiple sources tell Page Six the 43-year-old rapper and producer threw a tantrum at Epic Records when his album, named after his 2-year-old son, didn't debut at number one.

Sources tell The Blast that Khaled's album just missed charting at #1 because over 100,000 downloads were "disqualified" by Billboard editors.

According to the source Khaled partnered with a nutritional supplement company to promote Father of Asahd by pairing the digital downloads with a purchase of a bottle of Awake® Energy Shot.

Khaled is upset with Billboard because the promotion was originally approved. Sources tells The Blast that the DJ got approval before running the promotion.

Khaled, who boasts nearly 20 million followers on social media, promoted his album and the Awake® Energy Shot products heavily on social media.

Father of Asahd sold 136,000 album-equivalent units, of which 34,000 were pure album sales.

According to the source, rapper Tyler, the Creator also promoted his Igor album by bundling it with t-shirts and posters. Both sold well. But Khaled's bundle sold more - over 100,000 units - which Billboard later said were "not approved."

Sony Records, which owns Epic and also reps Tyler, "is happy regardless. Their artists were No. 1 and No. 2."

As for Khaled storming into Epic's offices with a large entourage, the source tells The Blast he did "passionately speak," to the record executives, but the source is adamant that he did not throw a temper tantrum.

Update: Did DJ Khaled just take a shot at his label mate Tyler?

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  • Coy little wink

    Good. Leave the temper tantrums to Asahd...

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    The only song I really listened to is Holy Mountain. 070 Shake did her thing as well as Sizzla and Mavado.

  • GAPeach

    His issue is really with Billboard, not with his label.

  • Renee26

    He spoke passionately huh... Not orange enough to be labeled as a tantrum thrower and not brown enough to be labeled as angry... Got it! ?

  • tia

    Most likely, those numbers are fake anyway. Just reading all those figures made me confused. Plus, he's been getting over waaay too long. Big time hype man with the right connections I guess??

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    He looks like he can get anything he wants. So I doubt he throws many of them.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    I love the Daddy & son interaction, but it seems like DJ has taken it over the top. I never see his son walking. He's usually being carried to an adult party and wearing a tux l0l!

  • Kayke

    It’s the label that needs to be going to bat for him though, which they would if it wasn’t his label mate at #1. The label should be on Billboards ass if they did renege the approval.

  • Grace Turner

    He probably was, I just don't trust Billboard not after the way they did Lil Nas with Old Town Road! ??

  • DroneRivers

    I'm appalled! I will have to get to the bottom of this immediately! *runs to google*

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    well i had to google that.
    yummy. lucky him ... or better yet lucky her who gets to sit on that.

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    I see Khalid is still hawking junk products. I guess he didn't learn his lesson from the SEC settlement on those cryptocurrency fraud charges he and Merriweather were caught up in.

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  • bemetoo

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    I ain't ever tryna have a hysterectomy or nothing. I like all my organs exactly where they are!

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    Exactly. Is it just me or does anyone else notice a bit of weirdness in his father -son relationship? Cultural, perhaps?

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    He probably never puts him down. He showers with him and sleeps with him right between the two of them.
    No doubt his arm tingles when the blood rushes back into that arm.

  • bb1812

    He bundled his album with an energy drink. Billboard pre-approved it but the prob was the label didn't do the finalized diligence b4 the actual drop so he lost out on 100k+ unit sales. I just have a prob with bundling period. No matter the artist/group. They need to address & fix that.

  • imright

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    Listen....IGOR is better than Khalid's album. It just is.

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    His sales are high bc of the collective fan bases all pooled at once. But not enough this time. My fav track is "Do You Mind" & some older stuff.

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    I couldn't believe he exposed himself on that--I ain't ever looked at him the same after that. And the fact that no one needed to know that in the 1st place; was so embarrassing for her too.

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    WAIT! What? ???

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    Please put that spoiled rotten child down, and get him a haircut!

  • CookieMobster

    I don't know how old you are, but in the late 90's early '00 most of these rappers used to CLAIM they didn't do that. Especially Lil Wayne, Juvie, Baby, Manny Fresh, all the hot boys rappers. I was always like WHET DID THEY JUST SAY???? But now a days lil Wayne says he does so IDK who turned his @SS OUT.

  • EasyBreezy


  • EasyBreezy

    Exactly. Appropriation much?

  • bb1812

    I'm too young to be old & too old to be Having said that, I was a huge Lil Wayne fan during his extended peak--still am but I had idea he/they had claimed that.

  • bb1812

    I'm too young to be old & too old to be Having said that, I was a huge Lil Wayne fan during his extended peak--still am but I had idea he/they had claimed that.

  • Alextra Ballard

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    I miss the days when pure album sales get you on the charts. Not this manipulation Crap.

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  • RealATLPeach36

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    "According to the source Khaled partnered with a nutritional supplement company to promote Father of Asahd by pairing the digital downloads with a purchase of a bottle of Awake® Energy Shot."

    If he lost about 30lbs then he probably could have sold/streamed that extra 100,000. But nobody's looking at his fat @ss and taking any endorsement of a nutritional supplement seriously.

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    Khaled is a fraud ?

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    He treats that kid like a ventriloquist dummy.

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