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Twitter is ecstatic over Beyonce becoming the first thief woman in history to have 7 albums debut at No. 1.

Surprisingly, Beyonce's new album Renaissance topped the Billboard 200 chart despite the dismal reviews from music experts.


Renaissance is the biggest debut week by a woman in 2022 — and the second-largest week of the year overall — with 332,000 copies sold. It is also her 3rd lowest in album sales.

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The 40-year-old mom-of-three joins Janet Jackson as the 4th female artist with the most number 1 albums on the Billboard 200 chart. Janet also has 7 number 1 albums.

Adele's 30 ruled the top of the charts for six weeks (Dec. 4, 2021 to Jan. 8, 2022). Both 30 and Renaissance were released via Columbia Records.

Renaissance is Beyonce's first album since the 2016 classic Lemonade, which deserved its number 1 spot. Especially considering that the first single off Renaissance, the anemic "Break My Soul," failed to impress music fans.

Renaissance also topped the streaming chart - the largest week for a woman - with 179.06 million.

Unfortunately, Beyonce's historical achievement is tainted by talk of thievery and stealing.

Pop singer Kelis blasted Beyonce for stealing her "Milkshake" sample and not calling her first. Bey responded by removing the sample from her single "Energy."

Beyonce's chart dominance sparked rumors of payola and other shady backroom dealings.

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Beyonce's latest album Renaissance is predicted to decline 69% from sales of Lemonade, a collection of bitter heartbroken songs by a woman who is fed up with her cheating husband.

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Long-suffering wives connected with Lemonade on an emotional level because they felt Beyonce's pain.

Lemonade sold 650,000 copies in its first week in 2016. Renaissance is expected to sell about half of that in its first week.


The writing was on the wall when Renaissance leaked last Tuesday. Hardly anyone downloaded it.

Beyonce's team thanked her fans for not downloading the leaked album, but that was just wishful thinking.

On Renaissance, Beyonce, who is married to Jay Z, sings about bedding women. And she angered the cancel culture crowd by using the words "spazz" and "spazzing out" on her song "Heated." The word is considered "ableist" and insulting to the disabled.

"Frankly it's just stupid, coarse, and mean. Who would sing such a thing? A 10 year old?" said Roger Friedman, of Showbiz 411.

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Beyonce's full album, Renaissance has leaked in Europe - 2 days before the official release date.

Renaissance CDs are already being sold in music shops in France.

Twitter users posted photos of the CDs being sold in France and The Netherlands.

Bey's record label is sending cease & desists and take down notices to blogs. The songs are scrubbed from YouTube as quickly as they are uploaded.

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The "Break My Soul" singer had hoped her album wouldn't leak before the midnight release date on Friday.

Beyonce's camp is upset over the leak and the fact that bootleg CDs are being sold without their authorization.

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"Creating this album allowed me a place to dream and to find escape during a scary time for the world," she said in a lengthy statement on her Instagram account. "It allowed me to feel free and adventurous in a time when little else was moving."

The response to Beyonce's first single, "Break My Soul" was lukewarm when it dropped in the US on June 20.

Renaissance includes 16 tracks featuring collaborations with Grace Jones, Drake and Nile Rodgers.

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Disney spent millions promoting and marketing Beyonce's "Black is King" visual on Disney Plus, but fans didn't bother to purchase the project’s soundtrack album, The Gift.

According to HitsDailyDouble, Beyonce's The Gift landed at No. 10 on the sales charts with just over 6,000 albums sold.

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It is a sure sign that Beyonce's star has faded to black, as the former superstar loses ground to rappers Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B and newcomer Mulatto.

Disney Plus secured the rights to Beyonce's "Black is King" 90-minute visual in the hopes of registering new subscribers to the streaming service.

Unfortunately, Beyonce doesn't have the star power to register a blip on the Disney Plus meter.

According to Roger Friedman of ShowBiz411, the album's dismal sales figure could be a troublesome number for Disney if it can be compared to the number of subscribers who joined Plus just to see Black is King.

Friedman wonders if Beyonce fans understand that "The Gift" is the soundtrack to Black Is King and not the Lion King soundtrack.

Beyonce and her Parkwood Entertainment cut Sony out of the project, so they aren't doing much to help promote Beyonce's "The Gift."

Sony executives are probably somewhere laughing their butts off.

Rap artist A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is the latest rapper to experience low album sales after promoting his music on social media.

The Bronx rapper's current album HOODIE SZN is the country's No. 1 album, but his album sales hit rock bottom at a total of 823 physical copies sold.

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