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Houston community activist Quanell X says Maleah Davis’ mother, Brittany Bowens, will face charges in her daughter’s gruesome death.

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The remains of the 4-year-old were found scattered alongside a highway near Hope, Arkansas on Friday. The remains were positively identified as Maleah on Monday.

Maleah was missing for a month. Her mother’s fiancé, Derion Vence, was arrested on May 11 and charged with tampering with a human corpse. Vence, 26, told police he was carjacked by three Hispanic males on May 3. He reported Maleah missing on May 4.

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In an interview with HLN’s anchorwoman Lynn Smith on Tuesday, Quanell said he believes Bowens will face charges because she knows more than what she’s saying.

“I know for a fact, that she confessed to me, she helped cover up physical abuse of Maleah in the home,” he said.

Maleah was last seen alive on a neighbor’s surveillance camera on April 30 – the same day Bowens flew to Massachusetts to attend her father’s funeral.

“I believe that, when she came back, she learned a little bit more about Maleah’s – what happened with her. But I don’t think she knew where the body was dumped. But I do believe [Vence] shared things with her to let her know what had happened to Maleah.”

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Quanell addressed Bowens’ claims that she let him go as her representative after he made up lies about her.

He said Bowens became upset when she learned that he went to the district attorney’s office with information he gathered during his own investigation.

“The only thing she could do was try to attack me because she knew what I had learned,” he said. “She knew what I knew – and based on what I know and what I had learned, she knows what she’s possibly facing in the future.”

When asked if he thinks Bowens will face charges, Quanell responded, “Yes. I do… Because of what was shared with me, what she told me, what she admitted to. And what I shared with [the DA’s office] was factual information that came directly from Brittany. And I have proof of what she said and what she admitted to, and that has been shared with the investigators. I do believe she will be charged. And she should be charged.”