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Forever 21 came under fire after customers complained that they received diet bars packed in with their plus-size clothing orders.

The matter first came to light around July 19 when plus-size customers took to to complain that they were sent unsolicited Atkins diet bars with their orders.

“Hey @forever21 do you include weightloss Atkin bars in all your shipments or just in the ones for ladies over 1X?” wrote a Forever 21 customer [sic].

Another Twitter user posted photos of the Atkins diets bars she received in her order.

And a third user blasted Forever 21 for being “fatphobic” and fat shaming their calorically challenged customers.

The retailer released a statement simply stating that the Atkins diet bars were part of a brand partnership promotion sent to every customer who ordered any size clothing.

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The retailer concluded that they stopped packing diet bars in with clothing orders, and the entire controversy was much ado about nothing.