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Andy Cohen's guest list for his late night talk show is getting shorter after he banned a number of guests from ever coming back on his show. The sensitive host of Bravo TV's 'Watch What Happens Live!' revealed he's banned a number of stars because they're "not worth the trouble".

Cohen's ego took a hit after several bold name stars declined his invitation to appear on his show due to rumors that he and his producers are disrespectful to Black people.

Last month, rapper and full-time mom Lil Kim canceled her scheduled appearance on WWHL! after producers refused to avoid asking her certain personal questions.

Cohen also had a run-in with 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' star Tituss Burgess, who called him a "messy queen" after Cohen brought up comedian Eddie Murphy's past issues with the LGBT+ community. Burgess, who appeared on WWHL! several times, will not be invited back, according to reports.

The 51-year-old, openly homosexual television producer has hosted WWHL! for 10 years, since it first began airing in 2009. And while some of the biggest names in reality TV have appeared on the talk show, he revealed certain stars have been blacklisted from the show for being difficult.

"There are a few people - and you would be surprised - there are a few people who we have deemed not worth the trouble," he told AOL Lifestyle on Sunday. "Like, you can't talk about this and you can't ask about that. Or there are a couple of people who have been on the show that we deem too annoying to come back."

Last year, the host told E! News that Amber Rose was "one of the worst guests" he's ever had on the show, because she wanted to avoid all the "shady questions."

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  • Roderick2011

    If the best he can do is Lil Kim and Burgess as guests then Andy may want to cancel his show.

  • xxxgracious


  • Not Today

    He should be one of them

  • jeniefrumdabloc™
  • iWasteTime

    If you give it, you have to be able to take it. You're messy and got the mess right back and didn't know how to handle it.

  • Kanyade

    Can producers deem the host "too annoying" to host?

  • tintin

    well in reality (no pun intended) we want the shady questions. we really don't care if these stars doing gardening or cooking chicken breast with no seasoning

    Lil Kim - we wanna no if faith really kicked your ass
    Amber - we wanna know if your new baby daddy is a queen
    If Nicki Minaj comes up in the spot, we want to hear about the Cardi B beef
    If Nicole Murphy comes on we wanna know why she loves people husband

  • SpiceGirl
  • T Willis

    I don’t understand what these celebs think is going to happen on these shows? If you don’t want to discuss the pink elephant in the room, then don’t bother doing press. If you keep your messy life under wraps then nobody can throw shady comments at you

  • T Willis

    I don’t understand what these celebs think is going to happen on these shows? If you don’t want to discuss the pink elephant in the room, then don’t bother doing press. If you keep your messy life under wraps then nobody can throw shady comments at you

  • Allergic2dumbstuff

    I'm sure legit A listers feel the same about him. Not worth the trouble nor their time.

  • Dr. P

    Let's see...Andy produces some of THE messiest reality tv shows, his reunions damn near cause fist fights and break up homes...and guests think he shouldn't hit them with the mess??? Whew chile the stupidity of it all...

  • ClaireHuxtable

    and also ask:
    Chris Brown, do you really beat your women?
    Eddie Murphy, tell us the real on you & Johnny Gill...and Tracey Edmonds...and the tranny in the car.
    Cardi, are you really that stupid?
    Gregg Leakes, are you really in love with Nene...or the money?
    Fiddy, why are you so childish?

  • SayWhatNow?

    I have never heard of WWHL and I strongly dislike the look on his face. He looks like a reptile.

  • Karen Brady


  • Tinytoon

    Stars refuse to Appear On WWHL with Andy Cohen.

    Fix the title for you.


    Yeah okay

  • Karen Brady

    This show like most of the housewives shows was a cute and entertaining concept to me in the beginning but they can scrap it all for all I care.

  • Karen Brady

    ??????????. These questions are all legit and approved. ?. But also...??? at chicken breasts with no seasoning.

  • WutizstillHERE!

    Yall still watching this? mmhmm..okay..

  • Karen Brady

    "Cardi are you really that stupid?"???????. But seriously can I just answer for her???

  • Karen Brady

    Hell no

  • Wreckognize Game

    I only watch on Sunday when people that look like me are on.

  • Karen Brady

    And always got the same thirsty guests coming back on like Michael Rappaport and any damn housewife.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    Sure...go right ahead... although I think we kinda know the answer.

  • Phillybruh

    He big mad, Titus let him have it on his own

  • Tinytoon

    I'm wrong for this:
    Lori Harvey, why are with Puffy? Looking for a come up, your mom told you to....

  • LeeSeeCee

    Andy is so shady and just messy AF. He just wants guests who are going to be just as shady and messy, lol.

  • Elexa88

    Can we say Titus Burgess. Honestly Andy is closer to Eddie Murphy age. So maybe he was talking about the early 80's. Things were different then today. But I wont lie it was comical the way Titus responded to Andy

  • Kanyade

    Toni Morrison done went on to Glory. Read on another site... Is this true?

  • ClaireHuxtable

    She has?! I loved The Bluest Eye!

  • Kanyade

    read it on Vulture. 88 years old. Beloved changed my life and Sula gave me wings.

  • Connie

    Is this for real???

  • ClaireHuxtable

    Yes & double yes.
    Plus she loves the idea of playing mommy to all of Puff's kids!!

  • Kanyade

    Found an article on Vulture. Yup. :(

  • DeJeri

    Song of Solomon

  • Roderick2011

    I don't understand the drama.
    Most people are old enough to remember Eddie getting caught with that transvestite.
    People even thought that Nicole was born a man due that incident and of course the rumors about Johnny Gill being Nicole's sister-wife so what was the problem?
    Most closeted gay men like Eddie especially in the black community overcompensate by being publicly homophobic.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    I would ask Diddy: How are you a 49 yr old man messing with a 22 yr old woman? Isn't it creepy to be dating a woman who's younger than some of your kids? Why don't you want to date women closer to your own age?

  • morenYAHdelsur

    Everybody don’t wanna be messy like you Andyyy! ?

  • Ladyshopper


  • Karen Brady


  • tintin
  • tintin

    good one

  • tintin

    or why u fucking your sons leftovers

  • Roderick2011

    Was her black card still under review when she transitioned after that nonsense about Clinton our first black president?

  • Kanyade

    LOL. Now that, I do not know about.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    Or having 10 kids?

  • Phillybruh

    But those are questions for Eddie, Johnny and Nicole to answer not his co-stars. And he thought that Titus was messy he learned that day.

  • MsSapphire9800

    Well Vulture must be the only site carrying that news....because if Ms Morrison had returned to essence every major news outlet and blog would be talking and posting this news. This maybe another social media "killing." Her fans went through this in June and found out she was still living and doing fine.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Andy is basically a messy queen who makes millions off having other people (mostly women) acting ratchet and messy on his "reality" shows. The man is rich, but I don't envy him at all. Not all money is good money.

  • Kanyade

    okay will investigate further. it had literally just been posted when i viewed the site.

  • Carrington

    Mo'nique said Clinton was the first black President. T.I. said it.... about 50 other black folk said it. Why Toni?

  • Carrington

    Well, in fairness, the show is, and was, designed as a vehicle to promote the housewives. So, it just makes sense that the only reason we know Andy is because of the Housewives, for his show to be about them too. Most of the stuff they talk about is housewives related. Housewives built Bravo.

  • CardiB’sAbs

    Snowflake. Can dish it but can’t take it. Typical.

  • the guest

    Classic self protective censoring white reaction to being checked for racism. It wouldn’t even occur to Andy Cohen to maybe self reflect and improve his hosting and social skills to include respectful behavior toward black people. He’d rather blacklist to control the narrative because he’s a racist queen. Gay white men hate being outed as racist, it messes with their pretense of diversity swagger.

  • Carrington

    Listen, the reality is that this show is built around shady, queeny mess. If you expect to go on this show and NOT be messy - then you're on the wrong show. They have segments called, "Shade or no Shade" where the POINT is to be messy. I can't speak to whether he's particularly messy to black folk because I haven't watched a full episode in over five years.

  • Wreckognize Game

    Titus seemed to have gone there because Andy didn’t take him serious as an actor. AC asked Titus if Eddie talked to him as if he is only a gay man and was beneath EM. I feel some kind of way when they ask less famous people how is it working with so-and-so. Ask them about the movie fool.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    I just got it in a notification.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Vulture was the first to carry it. But the Associated Press has now confirmed it.

  • MsSapphire9800

    Okay Thanks

  • MsSapphire9800

    WOW it's true just got a notification from Time Magazine.

  • Shenanigans1

    Andy was trying to get Titus to play into things people have said about Eddie for many years. Titus isn’t trying to black ball himself by playing Andy’s games. I just wish that Andy would take a little bit more care when interviewing.

  • Shenanigans1

    Right there. There it is.

  • KcoolMuziq

    ANYBODY that goes on that show knows ALL about what Andy is about. Even when he reads those fake questions from his card.

  • Li-Wright

    You know, it's hard to watch these a "celeb" TV talk show. I just stopped watching them. I see the same "stars" and celebs on the same talk show. It's like a merry go round. They go from Ellen to Kimmel to Fallon to Colbert. The only one that stands out is Maher's show which is political. But the others, it's just the same old dribble.

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs
  • Seldomseen

    Ok Andy

  • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

    Fox and CNN has :( RIP Toni damn that hit home

  • Hot World

    FOH. Then only invite ppl who will cooperate with ‘shady’ questions. Fixed. If you had any game you’d convince the apprehensive that the questions are his ideas.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    So... Who cares about this messy BUTT QUEEN. MOST of my TEA COMES from either up BEING UP close and personal or known affiliates.. it's what we used to call SOCIALIZING OFF OF THE WEB AND BLOGS... Then come to certain blogs and chime in! These NEW CELEBUTERDS ARENT even wORth giving press to.. They are like seat fillers!

  • Hot World

    Right. Eddie been gay since 1983 regardless of his comedy about gays so maybe Eddie wouldn’t give him play?

  • Marlika

    I can’t stand this messy ass queen! This show needs to be canceled already!

  • Renee26

    What other tricks did Lady Heroine teach you??

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    Noooo youre not worth the trouble. Your special skill seems to be instigating beef amongst black people, especially women. We’re on to you and celebs dont have to kiss your @$$ for a walmart peach.. bye wig

  • Roderick2011

    True, but everyone knows how this show is so if you go on it expect the shade?

  • Dee

    KARMA Wii catch up with that cross-eyed POS one day ??

  • Roderick2011

    You mentioned Monique and T.I. in the same sentence as Toni?
    Wow. Just wow!

  • Dee


  • SpillyNillie

    I don't watch his show so I won't be missing any of the "blacklisted" guests.

  • Lady_Elle

    So true!

  • currvalicious

    I actually likes WWHL when I used to watch it. It's Andy, & what you see - literally is what you're going to get. You're not being g interviewed by George Stapanopolous for crying out loud. It's a gossipy dish the dirt show. That's it. Half of the people that go on the show are C-listers, reality folks, & he'll get an occasional A-lister. It's not that serous at all.

  • datjerk

    I don't like him. I don't find him funny at all. He's just a messy messy white gay man.

  • Phillybruh

    I'm sure Titus expected some shade that was relevant to Titus, but not Eddie, that was messy.

  • Nita Pie

    It aint like his show is on CBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC or any other important news station so what do the people expect, thats why he likes to get the people drunk so they can spill the beans. He will have to get Love and hip hop people now.

  • Roderick2011

    Black women need a third party to instigate a beef?
    Do tell.

  • Roderick2011

    LOL ok

  • Tinytoon

    Is she part of the yacht club? How will she be passed around?

  • AndSo

    Thank you. He is in show business and produces numerous very successful reality tv shows full of catty shade. If you wanna go on his late night talk show to promote yourself, you are expected to be funny and spill the tea.

  • AndSo

    Oh please. He instigates catty beef among everybody. That's his job and he good at it.

  • Lady_Elle

    Half of the folks he is banning likely did not have any intentions of coming back on anyway!

  • Ms.Devereaux

    Them eyes crossed like shoe laces and cocked like a pistol ! ?

  • Ms.Devereaux

    He should have kept it with the people he was paying from his RH franchises other folks with careers ain’t got time for the mess and games but at the same time knowing who and how he is why would you agree to go on his show KNOWING he messy af and will try to get you to do the same just flat out decline and tell him to move around

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    So you commented to agree with me. Thank you! Adios!

  • AndSo

    Noooo, I was not agreeing with you, because in your context Andy was the one not worth the trouble. In my context, the guests who are trying to promote themselves (black, white, orange, purple) know damn well what his deal is and they should not go on his show if they ain't down to be entertaining and spill the tea = they not worth the trouble.

    Context; It matters.

  • Yup, I said it

    That's why Andy didn't get the job as Kelly's cohost on LIVE. She went from Michael Strahan to Ryan Seacrest and didn't pay Andy 2 shit. Even though Kelly Ripa and Andy are friends she is no fool. She knew Andy is just like his names sake Raggedy Ann/Andy and he would destroy rating with his woman hating, trifling backside.

  • leapyearpisces

    Ugh! I cannot stand this messy queen, but I do like to watch the guests on WWHL, and Sandra you would pick a picture that makes me want to smack that smug look right off his face!

  • SandraRose

    Mission accomplished. ?

  • leapyearpisces

    You get an A+. You have been promoted to the next grade. :-)

  • Renee26

    Are there love contracts involved or was that only for Cassie??


  • Karen Brady

    Yeah, you're right... I guess I forgot because they started bringing on so many people from different genres.

  • Karen Brady


  • Kimberly King

    Gay white men are some of the most racist ones in the country. So I'm not surprised Andy and his team acts a certain way towards blacks. However, it puzzles me why black gays would even wanna associate themselves with white gays as if they created the LGBTWXYZ community/organization for y'all idiotic black asses. Stop putting your sexual preference before your race. Because it don't work like that in the real world. They see you as black first.


    Can't be mad people don't want to deal with your catty behavior. Stop being a whole flame acting like you were raised on skid row.

  • CaramelDrop

    Wow...10 years?? I haven’t watched a single episode.

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    Me neither?????

  • SandraRose

    Thanks, hun! ?

  • onelove

    Me neither!!

  • Leigh Burton

    I find him annoying, anyway!

  • Uptown2501

    People are expected to be messy if they go on there

  • Eileen

    He is such a freaking queen with a small "q" He loves to keep mess stirred up.

  • Dahl

    He needs to calm down. It’s ok to go easy everyone once in a while, not every interview should be an interrogation...

  • Dahl

    Me either...

  • Logan Roberts

    I'm pretty sure the real celebrities don't give a care ?

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    ole cock eyed queen. I'm no fan. He knows it. lol.

  • Miss Thang

    Andy is an old bitchy queen.

  • Miss Thang

    I’ve only watched when he had certain celebs on like Regina King, Patti Labelle, Mariah Carey etc.

  • Bashi22

    Andy already gets what he wanted from the black females house wives or girlfriend. They all fight, curse, back stabbers, gossipy ect. The list goes on

  • Stan4NoOne

    I'm sure no one cares, Andy.

  • Overpower Radio

    Ban everyone that won't let you exploit them and call them "not worth the trouble." - got it.

  • WiseGui

    ? @ Raggedy Ann!!!

  • Tre

    Well said!

  • Baddie_Love

    Baby we BEEN on to you're bullshit Andy

  • Junkanoo

    It's unfortunate he hasn't added himself to the list and cancelled his trifling show who would miss it. Jews have been running the entertainment industry for sometime their the ones who have held people of color back in the entertainment industry and churned out racist sterotypes over the decades .

  • Not a Housewife & Neither RU

    Titus got it right.