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Kim Kardashian successfully campaigned to pardon Alice Johnson, the 64-year-old mom who was serving time in prison for a drug charge. Now Johnson is featured in a photo shoot for Kardashian’s SKIMS shapewear.

Kardashian, 38, made headlines when she won Johnson’s freedom last year. Johnson served 21 years of a 25-year sentence for a non-violent drug charge.

Johnson poses awkwardly in a photo shoot, wearing a black bodysuit from Kardashian’s renamed SKIMS line. Kardashian was forced to change the name of her shapewear line after Asians were offended by the name “Kimono”.

“I was serving a 25 year sentence without the possibility of parole. Kim saw a video of me. She heard my story,” Johnson said in a campaign video. “And by the way, I didn’t even know who Kim Kardashian was! She went to war for me to fight for my freedom. That’s why I call her my ‘war angel,’ because nothing stood between her and my freedom.”