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This beautiful young lady grew up to play a pivotal role in a classic 1980s comedy movie. The much-anticipated sequel is finally in production after 31 years! This actress will reprise her unforgettable role in the movie. She only spoke a few lines in the original movie, but her scenes were the most memorable, according to a poll. Can you guess who she is?

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If you guessed actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, you were right! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Did you know Vanessa is a breast cancer survivor? Vanessa, 62, teamed up with the Ad Council and Susan G. Komen to raise awareness of the risks of breast cancer. This powerful campaign was created for Black women to help us better understand our risks. Black women have the highest risk of breast cancer among women.

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Vanessa's web series "In the Company of Friends: All Things Healthy" features candid conversations with famous friends, including actress and "Ambitions" star Essence Atkins, a breast cancer survivor who appeared in the web series' 1st episode on August 19 (watch below).

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Other guests will include breast cancer survivors, celebrities, researchers, physicians and more. In the Company of Friends, you can find the special bond we celebrate when we're sharing life's joys, challenges, and everything in between. Join our Company of Friends for inspirational conversation, delectable food, and good times.