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Popeyes Chicken

Popeyes’ viral marketing campaign for its chicken sandwich is a huge success. Lines were wrapped around the block for the new spicy chicken sandwich at many Popeyes locations. But hungry customers are accusing the fast food giant of deliberately running out of the sandwich in restaurants nationwide.

The new spicy chicken sandwich was at the center of a meme war between rivals Popeyes and Chic-Fil-A. Popeyes won the friendly battle when Instagram influencers and bloggers helped promote the sandwich for free.

But with success comes negative backlash – and Popeyes has had its fair share of criticism for targeting Black people in poor communities.

There have been incidences of violence as people jump long lines and even climb through drive-thru windows in search of the craved sandwich.

Now customers are accusing the fast food chain of deliberately running out of the sandwiches to prevent a certain demographic from ruining the dining experience of their regular customers.

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Over the weekend, Gayle King tried 16 different Popeyes locations in New York but she was unable to find a single sandwich in stock.

Others on Twitter are reporting seeing sold out signs at Popeyes in their neighborhoods. Many question how a chicken sandwich can be sold out everywhere when chickens are plentiful.

It seems a handful of knuckleheads have ruined a good thing for everyone.

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