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Tuesdays is a family tradition in LeBron James' home. "Taco Tuesday" is the day the NBA superstar sits down with his children to share a hearty lunch of tacos and veggies. LeBron usually posts a video of the tradition on his social media. But yesterday's video was not well received.

In the video, LeBron records his children and kitchen staff repeating "Taco Tuesdays". At the end of the video, the Lakers star imitates a Mexican accent and lets out a loud "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!"

Twitter users were not amused after @ESPN reposted the video on its timeline.

One Twitter user wrote: "Stop appropriating Mexican culture. My culture. You can yell and embarrass your kids and coworkers all you want, but there’s no need for you to further Mexican stereotypes, especially considering our current political climate we live in where Hispanics are being targeted.."