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Tyler Perry blessed an aspiring actress with a job in one of his shows after she bought billboards around Atlanta to get his attention. Racquel Bailey spent thousands of dollars for the billboard advertisements around Tyler’s sprawling movie and television studios at the site of the former Fort McPherson military base in East Point, Georgia in June.

But Perry was unimpressed with her efforts and he wrote a post on social media discouraging other aspiring actors from doing the same.
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Addressing Bailey directly, Perry said, “I love that you want to work with me, and I love that you invest in yourself. But when you do things like this it puts my team on high alert and makes me look at you sideways. I know the message that you want to send is a positive one, but this comes across as the opposite.”

Well, Perry must have had a change of heart.

According to TMZ, Bailey landed a role in Perry’s new BET series, titled Sistas. The gossip site says Bailey will play a part in the season finale and she may have a recurring role in season two.

According to TMZ: “Bailey plays a police officer who had a past relationship with one of the lead characters. Perry was on set directing the episode in which Bailey will appear.”

Bailey also received calls from other producers who cast her in their productions.