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Tariq Nasheed was banned from entering the United Kingdom, where he planned to screen his new movie Hidden Colours 5. The self-professed “race baiter” learned he was denied entry by the UK government when he tried to board a plane to England at LAX Airport last week.

The popular social media activist announced the news in a video on his Instagram page.

“I just found out – we’re on our way to the UK. I am banned from going to the UK,” he said. “They are not letting me into the UK to show Hidden Colours. They have banned me from coming into the UK.”

The UK government, via email, informed Nasheed that his name was on a list of people who are banned from entering the country by air or by sea.

“They just sent an email denying me to even enter the UK. I called the UK government to find out the particular reason, and the official on the phone told me the memo said: Tariq Nasheed is not conducive to the good of the public of the UK.”

Many countries maintain lists of suspected terrorists and other undesirables – including rappers – who are banned from entering the country.

Nasheed is well-known for his anti-racist, pro-Black, anti-establishment platform on social media. But it may be his anti-LGBT views that prompted the UK to add his name to the no-fly list.

The UK, like most of Europe, have the most liberal pro-LGBT laws in the World. The UK government is currently considering giving free access to expensive IVF procedures for childless lesbians.