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A Texas schools superintendent is under fire for telling a woman to cut her grandson's dreadlocks or put him in a dress for wearing his hair too long.

The unusual demand was made after the school notified the grandmother that her grandson was in violation of the school's dress code.

Randi Woodley and parents of children attending a Texas school say the school board altered the dress code to discriminate against Black children.

"I went to the principal's office, where she explained to me that my grandson's hair was too long," Woodley told KETK.

Woodley said she attended the school board meeting where she addressed the restrictive dress code with Tatum Independent School District's superintendent.

"He told me that I could either cut it, braid it and pin it up or put my grandson in a dress and send him to school and, when prompted, my grandson must say he's a girl," Woodley said.

The school district's policy states: "No ponytails, ducktails, rat-tails, male buns or puffballs are allowed on male students. ALL male hair of any type SHALL NOT extend past the top of a t-shirt collar, as it lays naturally."

But Woodley says the dress code targets Black boys like her grandson who wear dreadlocks past their collars.

Parent Kambry Cox told KETK that her son thinks something is wrong with his dreadlocks.

"With my son's dreadlocks, sometimes they do fall in front of his face, so I felt it would be easier to put his hair up, but then that's a problem," Cox said.

  • Kanyade

    Sounds like Tatum.

    UPDATE: the code targets non-black boys too: "man-buns", "rat-tails", "ponytails", etc.

  • Virgoqween

    The obsession with kid's hair is weird to me. I'v never understood why schools felt the need to regulate it.


    Smh why even keep sending our children to these racist schools??

  • KLove

    Im hair is long and curly...i sometimes blow it out and put it up in a ponytail or a man bun...I get lots of compliments LOL

  • Ms.Devereaux

    Soooo was this dress code in place prior to her enrolling her grandson? Now I’m usually down to go against discrimination but you can’t call foul of you enrolled your child in a school whose guidelines didn’t fit with what you all have going on. Example my child went to a private school young this school the girls wear skirts, no nail polish, they didn’t serve meat for lunch and a whole list of other things that I was made aware of PRIOR to enrolling my child now if I didn’t like any of those rules I would have simply enrolled my child elsewhere that met my standards. Now it sounds like this school is using the dress code ROTC used and the army as it relates to male and female dress
    And appearance. I’m not sure if they have altered these rules over the years but it sounds like that where this school and other schools have gotten this dress code from

  • SpiceGirl

    I believe your right

  • NeverSurprised

    Fix it Jesus

  • Maxx

    It is discrimination, but she got it is not against black boys, it is against homosexual boys. The school must have an issue with feminine boys or young boys acting feminine or homosexual.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    This reminds me of the story I just read about Jay Z and the NFL. I still have to do further research, but apparently Jay Z/the NFL made one of their first social justice contributions. They donated money to some charity in Chicago that cuts young black men's locs off. There's a screenshot of a white woman cutting this black kid's dreads off and in the caption she says something along the lines of, "Now he has a fresh new start. He can be a better person". Some ish like that.

    Now, it's my understanding that locs are some gang's signature look in Chicago. So I don't know if they are linking the locs to the gangs or if they are saying that locs in general signify crime, poverty, etc. Anyways, the story isn't getting a lot of traction because it involves Jay Z...

  • Maxx

    Girl me either...that's too much control

  • SpiceGirl
  • Maxx

    Right that is why it is discrimination against homosexuality.

  • Gloria

    School sounds like a nightmare prison. Rules like that diminishes a child's freedom to express themselves creatively. They should be able to wear their hair however they please.

  • SpiceGirl
  • KarmaBackAround

    That is ridiculous! They want us to be ashamed of our heritage so bad.. but to tell her to put him a dress and respond as a female...thats where i file a lawsuit against the school, school board, zone superintendent, whoever i can get papers filed on!

  • Kanyade

    Tatum, TX is bible-belt Texas. East Texas is pure bible-belt and very conservative and majority white all over.

  • Music

    I dont think it's entirely a race issue. Sounds more like closeted homosexuals are in charge of making the rules for the school. You know, the ones who are married with kids, deacons at their church, but molest underage boys on the side.

  • GrandHustleGirl1

    This is disrespectful on so many levels and indicative of (in my opinion) an attack on black male masculinity. Who the F do they think they are???. Whichever school official said this, needs to be removed from their post! That comment was ignorant and not supportive of the needs of that child at all, he clearly wasnt doing his job.

  • SpiceGirl
  • Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

    Ok, where's it in the school handbook that says it will effect his learning? She need to take him out that school,I mean out that school now. That's it problem solved.

  • KarmaBackAround

    I mean ur already taking his freedom now you want to insult him as a M to F..come on smh

  • Leigh Burton

    The solution is to transfer your grandson to another school!

  • Virgoqween

    You don’t need control over this child’s body. As long as u don’t see lice in it why you care?

  • SpiceGirl

    IKR....I can NOT seem to rap my head around THIER reason! This may be THEIR way to try and SEGRAGATE like it was back in the day.(Like, if you don't like it, LEAVE!!) You know they would LOVE to go back to those times...

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    I dont think boys should have much hair on their heads!
    Dreads... I dont like them AT ALL on ANYONE! So..

  • Virgoqween

    And I’d bet you this school doesn’t allow kids to dress as the opposite gender so this was nothing but a humiliation tactic

  • RespectSelf

    This seems a little deeper than a race issue... smh. Like why would putting him in a dress and having him say he's girl ever be an option.

  • Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

    What are you mixed with? Why your hair too long? Yada, yada, yada, that interference will effect his grades.

  • SpiceGirl

    EVERYONE is entitled to feel the way they do....but they IMHO are out of pocket. When they tell you how to look....I think that is too much.....EVERYTHING isn't for EVERYBODY.....

  • Vegas1989

    I miss Charlie Murphy

  • Blaque Mahogany

    Like why would putting him in a dress and having him say he's girl ever be an option.
    That was odd, disrespectful and unnecessary.

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs


  • SpiceGirl
  • Gamer????? Chick

    “No ponytails, ducktails, rat-tails, male buns or puffballs are allowed on male students”.

    Those people told her to put him in a dress and he has to answer as female

  • SpiceGirl

    Right! Smdh

  • SpiceGirl
  • Vegas1989

    He was a handsome brother....And funny...

  • Rayne

    Don’t nobody never have a problem with the whyte chillun dying their hair, wearing dreads and going through that gothic phase tho.

  • Dasright

    That's what I'm thinking too.

  • Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

    I don't care if the superintendent was black who told them that. That's a child and he will feel like he did something wrong.I don't have a son but they already have the world against them. Skin color, hair texture, style, labeled adhd, police brutality etc...Sheesh. It's almost like they have to apologize for being black from birth.

  • TransMichelle

    Ok, now let me get this straight...putting a boy in a dress and addressing him as a girl is not against the dress code BUT any male hair of any type cannot extend past the top of a t-shirt collar, as it lays naturally," because that's against the dress code? You see, these are the types you leftist-liberals vote for. This is just the kind of thinking (or non-thinking) they expect "sane" individuals to go along with. F&ck em'

  • TriniHarlem

    When white people are educating our children this can be the result. I don't trust them as far as I can see in the dark so ain't no way.

  • Justamom

    New school coming soon if the school administration ever tells me to put my (nonexistent) son in a dress. That statement right there crossed the line. We done went from hair to cross dressing. Fawk you, Fawk the school take that dress code and stick it up your azz. Now Mom his hair shouldn’t be in his eyes so it’s up to you to figure that one out.

  • Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

    My daughter's hair is so long that falls in her eyes. Even when it's up. It just falls there but it's not effecting her learning skills since she writes and draw alllll days like Einstein.

  • Pamela


  • Ryan

    I got a white friend on FB who let her 10 yr. old go to school with a green mohawk - the rules don't apply to certain people, so they think. Aaand that's when you get the kid out of that toxic environment and SUE.

  • KarmaBackAround

    Exactly!! Absolutely!!!

  • KarmaBackAround

    Thats exactly what it is! A way to humiliate! And from another write up I read on this, the family pays tuition for the child to go there smdh

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    I agree! Being disrespectful!

  • hi-liter

    First off, stop calling them “dreads or dread locs” because they are not dreadful....just call them locs. Secondly, why do people black or white worry about how someone else’s hair is styled. Shit is so stupid. What I wear in my head has nothing to do with what’s in my brain........

    I love neat and clean locs, big or small, long or short, there is nothing wrong with them......people should be able to wear their hair any way they want. Hair rules and polices are made for black folks PERIODTT.......

    Signed...... Sisterloc Queen

  • Carrington

    The irony is definitely rooted in the fact that the school has a policy that regulates the length of your son's hair... while there's absolutely no policy that regulates whether your son gets to come back to school next year as your daughter. Irony indeed.

  • Carrington

    Nah, man. I can't agree with this. These rules only apply to US. Our hair doesn't grow the way whites, and Hispanics and Asians and Indians and arabs etc grows. Their hair grows long and straight. OUR hair, traditionally, grows straight up and out.

    THEY have a million hairstyles to choose from. We can only have the fade, or a short fro. These rules are created by people who aren't restricted to two choices. They get to do what they want while telling us that they don't like braids, they don't like dreds, they don't like afros... we should NOT be sanctioning policies that discriminate against us. Voting against your own interest is never a good idea.

  • SpiceGirl

    Come on now! Now THAT'S crazy!! Bet Billy Bob doesn't have to do A DAMN thingchange!

  • Sushi

    1st I would have taken my child out of said school district, 2nd that principle would have heard some Sunday school words, however I would have remained professional through the altercation. and as hi-liter said, I hate that word Dreadlocks, I had them for 15 years until I took them out with a bobby pin and rat-tail comb, I would correct people any time they would call my Locks Deadlocks.....

  • Sushi

    Thank you I hate to hear that word......

  • Carrington

    I just don't think that we should ever tell other people how we think they should look based upon what looks good to US. There's a lot of $hit that I think looks pretty silly, but it's mostly the artificial stuff. Telling folk that their hair should be a certain length is pretty wild. I think most of these lacefronts, eyelashes and ridiculous eyebrows should be outlawed - but, this is his hair.

    As a parent, if I decided that I didn't want to cut my son's hair and let it grow until HE decided that he wanted a haircut - I should have that option. It's like a spiritual BREAKING to let something go for that long without touching it and then have someone else determine that you must change it because they don't like it.

    If God hadn't become my barber, I'd have me some dreadlocs.

  • ShunShyne

    That is so wrong and unprofessional of the teacher.

  • gellie

    We would've been moving some furniture up in that place.

  • Thee Jaguar Doll

    I don't understand how the length of his hair interferes with his learning. This is bullshyt, They are just trying to find a way to stop this kid from getting an education. What does hair have to do with it? Fuck, Shyt ain't changed and it never will!

  • Facts and Receipts

    "put my grandson in a dress and send him to school and, when prompted, my grandson must say he's a girl"


  • TheOwley

    These are the new rules in education which are now working against them. What I'm reading here is that the establishment is dictating what a boy / girl should wear or places they can go depends on gender identity. Suppose he did wear a dress and now wishes to go into the girl's bathroom and shower with them, the superintendent has backed himself into a legal quagmire should this boy come back wearing a dress and uses the girls' locker room and showers, etc. What then? There will be an eruption and at that point, the parents can sue the pants off everybody.

    That's one way to test the system. The other way is this which the parents would lose. If caucasian boys are also instructed to wear short hair (a certain measurement) and natural hair coloring, then this boy would have to follow the same standards. If the rules are for all boys, let this boy be one of the boys and let's not exclude him because he's black. Isn't that one of the things fought for in civil rights.

  • J2PC

    A private company have the right to create their own set of standards, ethics & dress code and conduct of behavior. It is more than just about how he looks & what he wears. Maybe they designed a school where kids would be represent the uniform well just like any other uniform wearing person who works for a company or hold down a job.

    A good school is not just about his grades but how others kids around each other are affected by the next kid who might be disruptive, liberally out-there causing a distraction whether via provocatively dressing, unwarranted behavior, hair do's, etc.

    -afterall, so many folks around the world associate dreadlocks with caribbean weed smoking drug users & those incarcerated or dragged across the news for committing heinous acts or crime.

    Like a company that interview for top positions, a good private school have created a vision for themselves to find those who will fit in well, willing to learn & conduct themselves well in school uniform instead of liberally bucking the trend. The have a vision for preparing their young people not only academically, but all around for beyond grade school (to look forward to college & good paying employers or how to be leaders). Obvious the mother & child have a number of choices in Texas. Simply, go elsewhere.


    Bs, a child is there to learn.

  • Shawn James

    I agree to an extent. Its not like they asked him to shave his head. It appears they just want an inch or two cut. It wont kill that child to get a snip. He would look better honestly.

  • Dowoop

    Nobody in their right mind would "test the system" at the detriment of their kids and putting him in a dress just to prove a point is beyond ridiculous. As long as the hair is clean and not unkempt then what goes on with the kids hair should not matter especially since this seems to be a new rule. The superintendent is an idiot and should have stopped at "cut it, braid it or pin it up" because those are perfectly reasonable options.



  • Dowoop

    If long hair, buns and ponytails affects the other kids learning I hope all the girls are bald too.

  • Dowoop

    With the same hair!

  • J2PC

    It was the school...not just a teacher. The mother said she attended a full meeting with the school which included the Superintendent. The problem is some folks come from environment where anything goes, but want to go where there is better structure, academic performances, goals, standards with dress codes, decency & all only to throw a fit and turn the school into another dysfunctional, failing urban school where anything goes including making the teachers no longer care to waste their time trying make a difference.

    The mother & son know the rules. Didn't bother to ask during the meeting if putting the hair up should it grow longer will work. Instead she tried them knowing we've heard & seen this all too often.

    She can simply leave & send him to a neighboring school elsewhere. If homeschool is not a choice, then there are plenty of liberal schools that'll welcome dreads, mohawks, shaved heads, tatted bodies, males with long hair & all. -restricted more structural private or charter school is not a good fit for them. They need a liberal setting.

  • interestingconcept1

    Ugh! So over parents who know the rules and then play dumb when the child is penalized for it. One young brother was valedictorian and wouldn't walk because of his of his facial hair or dreads. I dont remember which one anyway. Their school, Their Rules!!! Either transfer him, or . Tuck his hair, cut his hair, but for the love of Yemaya, please dont disrupt his education over HAIR!! He has to learn to follow the rules and pick battles that are important, he can change rules when he is an adult. We care too much about hair and it has nothing to do with race.

  • J2PC

    Dreadlocs belong to the Caribbean natives via Africa. Can't take that borrowed hairstyle from them. You only hate it because many Blacks who are dragged across the evening news [for committing murder, heinous acts, dealing drugs or other crimes] looks like a number of ex-cons or felons in prison.

    Dreads is associated with a stereotype or comes with a negative connotation. Even whites wearing drags are tied to drifters or hippies getting high or gypsies & homeless folks with matted, unkempt hair, etc.

    -other locs is just a variant of the origin (dread-locs).

  • Passion

    So a girl could have locs but a boy can’t, it’s ok if hair falls in her face? Ok, got it!

  • StoneColdLady

    This is NOT discrimination against black boys! The rule is for ALL male students, I don’t see the issue ESPECIALLY if she knew the rules PRIOR to enrollment

  • J2PC

    Um, you don't get to tell Caribbean Natives via ancestral history in Africa to rename a hair-do that have been known as dreadlocs for centuries. You hate that they are associated with negative stereotypes (criminals, homeless folks, drug dealers, grand theft, prisoners or felons/ex-cons, if not gysies & hippies).

    Mohawks, shaved heads, mollocks, etc. usually worn by white males, feminists or liberal females are also regulated. -it's called having uniform with standards (dress & behavior codes along with ethics & academic standards.) -Don't like it, simply go elsewhere.

    She has choices in Texas which have a number of good schools. Liberal public schools would be a good fit for her son.

  • Victorious82

    Damn the principal basically is saying the trannies have more rights to be themselves than black folks.

  • Sushi

    I did take the time to research, locks, the orgin, and speritual reasoning behind them, however, when you know better you do better, I never have liked the name Dreadlocks and it has nothing to do with the media for me, I can't speak you others, but your correct the media gives the style a bad name.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    Let's hope it's just a temporary situation. Maybe the mom & dad are on active duty and it makes sense for the child/children to be with granny.

  • J2PC

    Boys are not girls. There are dress codes & standards for girls. There there are those for boys. Which one is he?

    Looks like the school gave her the option of if the son wants to fall under the hair style & dress codes meant for females...then, must say I identify as a girl so legally I can wear whatever they wear. -otherwise, he must choose to follow the guidelines for males or simply go elsewhere. Plenty of those types of school around them.

    Why come in to the more conservative school with less disruptive behaviors & focusing on learning without distractions only to be the once causing dysruptive behavior. We've heard & seen it all before. lol

    She didn't bother mentioning during the school meeting that she planned on pinning her son's hair up as it continued to grow to avoid having it addressed. She knew she would have heard 'no' and given the option to go elsewhere. Instead, we can predict this outcome. Rinse & repeat. lol

  • ClaireHuxtable

    God must have said "NO", C l0l!


    Black hair from the days of the Afro to Locks have always been a source of hatred towards us.

    A reason to discriminate against us.

    A shame when they hate even the hair that grows out of your head.

    I want to take you back in time a little bit today - for perspective on what we went through as a people in this historical documentary with real interveiws from the lips of actual slaves.

    Be proud of your natural hair. Take a look
    around. NO ONE else on this planet has hair ANYTHING like ours. IT IS YOUR CROWN - LIKE A MANE, and the lion is the MOST FEARED.



  • hi-liter

    Um, well chile I said what I said and ain’t gone take it back. Sooooo yeah if you ?? Don’t like what I said then keep it moving hunty.

  • hi-liter

    Dreads is associated with a stereotype or comes with a negative connotation.

    THE very reason why loc wearers don’t use THAT word to describe our hair.

  • starryeyed


  • Carrington

    Nope. Google: "hairstyles for white boys" and see pages upon pages upon pages of CHOICES for white kids that are still within "regulation". THEIR hair GROWS differently. It LAYS differently, they can TRAIN it differently.

    Overwhelmingly, black boy hair grows straight up and out.

    That leaves those of us who don't have "indian in our family" with two options: A fro, or a fade.. so, no, we do NOT have the "same rules" applying to everyone because we don't have the same hair texture. The same options aren't AVAILABLE.

    How is that forcing "our beliefs" on someone when it suits us when the POLICY only has an overwhelming affect on US?

    We're not going into the school saying, "let my baby sag his pants"... this is HAIR so, of course, someone who hates dreadlocs, braids, man buns, etc would think this is perfectly fine - but what happens when the white person at YOUR job decides that black WOMEN can't wear weaves, or wigs or sleeveless blouses simply because some religious nutcase doesn't like it?

    And, just where are all these "options" the grandmother has? As a people, we should be absolutely against discriminatory policies that affect black folk because you have to be ready for the day those policies cross the line and hit you in your house. What happens when the "policy" is that your skirt must come past your knee and your blouse must be buttoned to the neck?

    We should ALL be outraged - this has NOTHING to do with your personal likes or dislikes. This is the same reason why I have ALWAYS been against laws saying you can't sag your pants. I don't sag, wouldn't sag and, didn't let Joey but to have a LAW that says you must wear a belt - in America - is foolery... AND, it PREDOMINANTLY affects black folk because that's our culture. That's something that WE do in our neighborhoods so, to align with people who create laws JUST so that have the right to pull you over and frisk you is foolery at it's best.

    Don't like sagging pants - don't sag. But, if sagging is offensive - what about the Christian fool who thinks the space between your breast is offensive? It's all fun and games until you have to wear a turtleneck. Don't like dreads - wear a perm. Don't like man buns... don't wear one. Don't like braids, wear a wig.

    We should NEVER get in the habit of backing "policies" that discriminate against US. That's just coming from where I'm coming from.

  • LoveChild

    I am so sick of grandmothers being a stand-in for the absent and deadbeat black father this shit is ridiculous people are making jokes about it.

  • TheOwley

    I was being sarcastic about the dress but such a thing would prove my point that these new rules governing our children in school are ridiculous.

    For them to say a boy cannot wear long hair unless he comes in a dress in effect contrary to their new gender driven values. Personally I think the parents have a case against the school about the dress thing, not the hair length thing.

  • Lea
  • KLove

    that was more my thought

  • Wadiiah Vice

    Proof he was being targeted and singled out. White people are deathly afraid of black men and boys. Let them see some locs and their fear sky rockets. So like this country loves to do is kill, incarcerate or feminize the black man . it helps them sleep at night.

  • Bushbabe

    Black folks are so quik to advocate for gays but little black kids still have the stigma of their natural hair to contend with. Even illegal aliens are being protected .. but who is protecting our young. A man in a dress can read a damn book in a school and 10year old drag queens are prancing around school s.

  • Curtis

    Parents are quick to go to the media about useless stuff like hairstyles but never when their kids can't read or write at a certain grade. Let the media know your kids are failing at a certain school. This boy can have dreads during summer and cut them during school year. In college and adulthood he can rock them.

  • currvalicious

    It's one thing to say "look no dreads, these are the rules". I take issue w/the fact that he was being facetious by stating the young man should be sent to school in a dress. That wasn't necessary. He would've/should've been read for filth. Also, what are the policies of that particular school district. B/c if it isn't outlined in black & white, a suit should be considered.

  • 1KimJones

    They are trying to Samson this young man. As long as his hair is clean and neat, exactly wth is the problem? Choose a different school, looks like an excuse to get rid of this precious little boy. Why add insult to the request? They DO NOT RESPECT THE FAMILY!!

  • FakeNeanderthal Jesus

    Texas is on of the most racist states point blank!!!

  • LoveChild


  • Bonita

    And negroes are relocating there like The Great Migration.

  • Sean

    How is that a good solution? Little Susie and David aren't being told to cut their hair.

  • Carrington

    Oh. You could’ve stopped at “not reading”. I have no interest in anything you have to say after that. I only deal with folk who can have functional conversation and agree AND disagree without acting like a child.

  • Sean

    For a school administrator to say the alternative is to have the child wear a dress and say that he is a girl when asked is inappropriate and unacceptable despite what the dress or hair code is.

  • guest

    Smdh....whites are so disrespectful towards black children.

  • Bushbabe

    Speak for yourself because at least it is not a liberal ishhole. Texas don't have a homeless problem darling.This is the city Of Beyonce and Gabriel Union. Stop hating and let Texas be great.This is a white people problem and we all have them.

  • Kayke

    Cheapest property taxes.

  • Chapter29Chick

    We don’t judge them for all that hair shedding lice mess that they have. Some of us even glorify the mess by wearing weave although God gave us beautiful hair that will grow if we nourish it and study on how to make it grow by keeping it moisturized and trimmed. The wheat people and their hatred is so ugly 2 me. Kids should be off limits. Where does the madness end?

  • Elevated Soul

    Natural hair represents power because it's the same hair Jesus had. He had hair like wool and so does most Blacks. Our hair represents something scary to other races and that scary thing is "it's connection genetically to Jesus"....

  • Chapter29Chick

    The family could easily claim that it’s his religion because rastas definitely have dreads because it is twisted to the same orbital of the natural earth.

  • Li-Wright

    The school district's policy states: "No ponytails, ducktails, rat-tails, male buns or puffballs are allowed on male students. ALL male hair of any type SHALL NOT extend past the top of a t-shirt collar, as it lays naturally." Alright, it's in writing and grandma should have read the policy. It's getting more and more that public (and private) schools are cracking down on how kids dress. I work in the schools and every kid has a pair of Nike Jordans and I know those shoes cost a lot of money. The girls wear the daisy dukes to class -- not good! Do it in your house, but not in school!

    But, honestly, I'm sick of seeing these young kids & adult men wearing their hair rasta style all down their back and in their face. I guess this is the NEW hair style, but it's a) common, nothing new; b) just a style and has nothing to do with Rasta or religion; c) and it looks nasty to me. Like people don't oil their hair or wash it.
    BTW, he looks really nicely dressed in those school colors. A tie, sweater and shirt. Really looks nice.

  • Li-Wright

    How do we know the principal is white? She could be black.

  • Li-Wright

    Those are the alternatives. If you were the principal, you would say the same. I work in the schools, and at some point there has to be a dress code.

  • Li-Wright

    It's a written dress code. Now if I'm not mistaken, when you take your kid to school for the first time, there is orientation and manuals given to parents....right?

  • Li-Wright

    In that picture, it looks like the kid is wearing a uniform.

  • smartchickfl

    Wheat people just took me all the way out?...

  • Itzgoingdown2

    Dreadlocks is not your heritage. Also African men never wore braids.

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    These baby mammys fill these young black boys head up with ohh you sooo cute you sooo pretty than BAM a dress on at 14

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    Schools have codes and rules you do know that don’t you

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    Your totally wrong a Rasta would never EVER twist their hair

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    They got all these blacks folks concentrating on there hair but not minds or health Hair hair hair that’s all we worry about. Enough with this small thinking

  • dontgetblocked

    You have to follow the rules at school. White, black and other males are required by many school's to have short hair. If the young boy wears dreads then he needs to go to a school that supports his choice. Life is about following rules and it starts with school.

  • Fabulousbrownme

    This is why so many other cultures and nations do not like Americans. SOME of y’all are so ignorantly unaware of anything outside of ‘Murica. Dreads have nothing to do with Rastafarianism? (Rastas “loc” their hair but people mistakenly call any style like that “dreads”) Ah weh di know what let me just leave this conversation.

  • davine puddin

    1030 at night reading this blog stumble upon "what people" just died with laughter

  • Kimberly King

    THIS is the prime example of why so many women are walking around wearing hair hats ! This is why I preach to everyone to adore their natural hair. Don't even be concerned about the texture. They want us to hate our hair. His hair is beautiful and if I was his mom / grandma, I'd sue everybody involved for discrimination. These kinds of incidents are the root and cause of why black children hate themselves and their features. You tell this boy his hair is ugly, then 20 years later, he's with a cave demon because he doesn't want to have kids with hair like his! I'm so annoyed by this story.

  • Robert lee Bennett OG


  • FakeNeanderthal Jesus

    It's not your state and we don't own sh!t.It's a white supremacy system ok.Yes whites run everything but we blks can always move Africa.
    Ghana here I come!

  • WiseGui

    There is nothing discriminatory towards black students in that dress code. They also mentioned rat-tails, duck tails and male buns all worn by white guys. So this dress code covers all races.

  • Bonita

    I think you mean this is the "state" of Beyonce and Gabrielle Union." And Gabrielle Union is from Nebraska, not Texas. The city of Omaha to be exact.

  • Disgustd

    This is a centuries-old preoccupation with white folk. What is it about our hair that scares them so? Could it be b/c they realize it's our natural cosmic antennae? It's amazing to me that they are so stressed & pressed about how we wear/style our hair since our hair texture is the first kind of hair GOD/the CREATOR chose to create on the planet. We're in the 21st century and these reprobate demons are still fixated on our hair. The fact that there are laws that have to be passed for them to accept how God made our hair tells you how base and lower dimension they are.

  • Harley


  • Harley


  • Heat2Hot

    One of the greatest lessons l was taught in life as a black woman is to "choose your battles". This child is not Samson! He will not lose his strength if she cuts his hair to collar length! Discrimination would be prohibiting his dreadlocks but that wasn't done. If they permit this child to wear his hair longer than collar length, the lawsuits from other parents will start flying including from other black parents! With that being said, the Superintendent's response about her having her grandson wear a dress as an option was highly inappropriate and she should file a formal complaint with the City Council.

  • lovelygamour

    they arent discriminating agaisnt blacks they are discriminating against hipsters. read that male hairstyle list again. thats white people hairstyles. her sons dreads are just getting caught in the crossfire.

    in the schools defense they are suppose to teach job skills. so a man looking ultra womanly is going to exclude him from some jobs.

  • Sunsoy

    This is not about racism. We have moved beyond that. You have to follow rules regardless of race.

    Does he have a father in the home or another Black single mother story?
    Black Americans need to learn how to raise their kids.

  • Kimberly King

    You're beneath all black Americans. So your opinion is useless.

  • PetiteButterScotch

    Wait I read this same story but a totally different child that just had long n curly hair or is this a mandela effect ?

  • Harley


    This blog used this pic to create more dialogue. Real pics are on IG

  • Harley

    Yeah she purposefully used a stick image for click and bait

  • PetiteButterScotch

    Wtf does your dumb ass question have anything to do with following dumb ass rules?? There’s more important shit going on. White ppl worried about how a black rocks his natural hair—there should be rules against more important shit—you know like child trafficking and know..the shit white people LOVE to indulge in ?

  • PetiteButterScotch

    Got cha. Thx

  • KarmaBackAround

    Speak for yourself plz!

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    These single moms use these kids as a fashion accessory

  • chan chan

    I agree with Texas

  • Karen Brady

    Ultra womanly??

  • LoveChild

    Y’all we all know that a lot of black grandmothers raising her grandsons like to have his hair long that is some weird shit we’ve all seen it.

  • LoveChild

    You must be deaf dumb and blind if you don’t think that black males do pedophilia. Why do you think we have so many obese young girls? Eating the pain away because mama’s boyfriend molested them keep it 100.

  • LoveChild

    Cause a lot of mails nowadays want to be like female hair and face, all feminine.

  • LoveChild

    Black males are so disrespectful towards black children most black males aren’t in the home and aren’t helping to raise his kids keep it 100 OK.

  • LoveChild

    They have rules. What about his reading level of my people need to pick their battles hair doesn’t mean shit brain is the most important.

  • TeamCowboys

    Lord let there be a lawsuit ??
    And let this situation not discourage her grandson from loving himself or his hair & thinking he needs to continuously please others

  • jwoo250

    First of all this story is all wrong. The little boy has curly hair not dreads at all. And his hair could be cut to his collar. Or she could in fact have braided his hair and pinned it up so that its not lying on his collar. I'd advise everyone to see this stoyr on CNN.

    This whole write up is false picture and all. Where are you getting your news information from??

  • Sunsoy

    What you said about white people was racist. Do Better!

  • PetiteButterScotch

    But it’s white mfs trying to normalize it and are fighting to make it a recognized sexual like I said—WHITE EUROPEAN SHIT!

  • J2PC

    It is a uniform. Most likely a private TX school or uniformed Charter School.

    Prior to applying to such schools, most parents are already in-the-know about a school's reputation (whether or not it is horrible urban school Vs. a more structured schools with restrictive or conservation rules; higher standards, personal accountability for behavior & academic expectations with dress codes).

  • LoveChild

    You’re full of shit. Black male sexual predators have already normalized pedophilia in African-American communities. But I guess that’s easy for you to ignore.

    We have a fatherless epidemic and an epidemic of pedophiles.

  • PetiteButterScotch

    You can literally look this shit up. Or don’t. Idgaf lol I said what I said. WHITE EUROPEAN GREEK WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT bred this sick shit. They are ones fighting to make the shit normal. LOOK IT UP *Yarima Kamara voice*

  • LoveChild

    You sound like a bitter jailbird or a caping mammy. Ignorant and in denial? Join this block party. You’re too stupid for further convo ???

  • PetiteButterScotch

    Never been to jail. So there’s that. Far from a there’s that ????? U @ me first idgaf about you blocking me ? that’s usually what weak mfs do that can’t stand toe to toe with me LMAO. You mad.

  • PetiteButterScotch

    Bastard Child NOBODY CARES! ?

  • Li-Wright

    California passed a law that you can't discriminate in employment based on hair and hair styles. And I predicted that once that law was signed, the minute a company starts getting dreaded, nappy headed applicants, they won't hire that person. Period. In the interview session all you have to say is "not qualified" or "over qualified". Private companies don't like being dictated to by the government. So private companies are going to find a way to filter out black!

  • Li-Wright

    I'm not on board with these parents running to the press about these little snippy problems with dress code and how a child is dressed. If you go to parent's orientation (did grandma go to orientation?) they give out manuals and tell you what the school is like. They even have walk-throughs for the parents and they can SEE WITH THEIR OWN EYES HOW THE KIDS ARE DRESSED. That's the biggest clue. I'm a teacher so I'm well aware of all this stuff involving dress code, attitude, etiquette, etc. The schools are trying to counter the "ghetto" mentality of some of these kids - black, white, Latinx. They are doing things like teaching manners to the kids, mediating disputes, have the kids apologize for wrongdoing....etc. If the parent doesn't want the child to adhere to the codes....then home school them.

  • angelpat2812

    I'm so glad I couldn't have Children when I was younger. Because yall would see me on the news!

  • Ariel

    White and Asian kids also wear long hair and hair buns...