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Chrystul Kizer was only 16 when she met her pimp, Randy Volar III. Volar, 34, pimped Kizer out to older men and deposited the cash she made into his own bank account.

Kizer, now 19, admitted to killing Volar in his home in 2018 after she says he raped her multiple times. The day Volar died, he was about to be arrested for child sex trafficking.

Police say Volar’s estate is worth $800,000. He made large bank deposits and other activities typical of sex traffickers.

The teenager told police that Volar sold her to other men, which is why her attorney believes she should be shielded under sex trafficking laws.

But prosecutors say the sex trafficking laws don’t apply to Kizer because she was engaged in prostitution and her life was not in imminent danger when she shot Volar in the head twice and set fire to his home.

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Kizer is now on trial for her life.

If this story sounds familiar, it is because it nearly mirrors the story of Cyntoia Brown Long.

Long was also a 16-year-old prostitute when she was convicted of shooting a customer in the head while he slept. She stole the man’s wallet and his car, then returned to his home with friends to steal from the deceased.

Long, now 31, was granted clemency earlier this year and paroled after being sentenced to life.

Unlike Kizer, Long didn’t have a pimp. But she did have a camera-ready smile and celebrities like Kim Kardashian-West and T.I. were smitten.

Kizer, who has a criminal record of petty offenses, suffers from depression and other mental disorders.

If convicted of murder, she faces the death penalty or mandatory life in prison.