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Tekashi 6IX9INE was upset when a hunger charity rejected his $200,000 donation, saying they didn’t want to be associated with his kind.

The “FeFe” star took to social media to rage after No Kid Hungry, an organization that provides aid to struggling families across America, rejected his large donation.

Organization officials turned down the check once they learned who the rapper was.

The group announced they did not want to be associated with Tekashi, real name Daniel Hernandez.

“We are grateful for Mr. Hernandez’s generous offer to donate to No Kid Hungry but we have informed his representatives that we have declined this donation,” read a statement issued by the non-profit, obtained by TMZ.

“As a child-focused campaign, it is our policy to decline funding from donors whose activities do not align with our mission and values.”

But a Los Angeles non-profit won’t let the $200,000 go to waste. The charity Kooking 4 Kids will gladly accept Tekashi’s money.

According to TMZ, Keith Johnson, Executive Director of Kooking 4 Kids – a non-profit supporting young people which serves between 1,600 and 1,800 free meals to children and parents every day – insisted if the rapper’s looking to do a good deed and help eliminate hunger, his efforts should be appreciated.

“If there is an individual that wants to help address hunger in Los Angeles, we welcome it,” he said. “How that person wants to live their life is for them to decide.”

The ex-convict, who is currently under house arrest as part of his sentence for gang-related charges, earned a small fortune from merchandise he promoted on Instagram last week. His Instagram Live video broke a record for number of views in 24 hours.

Rapper Meek Mill challenged Tekashi’s Instagram numbers, saying the IG Live views were fake.