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When Mars, Inc. announced Uncle Ben’s rice will no longer bear the likeness of a Black man on the packaging, Master P came up with a new product replace it in Black households.

The music mogul said he is launching Master P’s white rice to give back to the Black community.

While many in the Black community applauded Quaker and Mars, Inc. for putting an end to racial bias and racist stereotypes, others are disappointed that Black people are being erased from retail products.

Mars, Inc. said the change was long overdue, and the company said it will look at “all possibilities” to replace the familiar logo on it’s rice products.

But Master P isn’t waiting for corporations to make Black people shareholders.

Master P wrote on Instagram:

“I want to ask y’all one question… Who is Uncle Ben & Aunt Jemima? Our grandparents and minorities ’til this day have been buying these brands for years, thinking it’s owned by our people. We have to change that narrative! Uncle P rice and PJ food changing the game. Economic empowerment. The more we make, the more we give. Uncle Ben is a model from the 1940s, just to educate the ones that are curious. #ownership It’s time to buy our blocks back, groceries stores, and supply them.”

My mom and I don’t eat white rice because it’s unhealthy. But if Master P sells brown rice, we will definitely try it if he is giving back to the Black community.