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Hundreds of DoorDash customers took to social media to show off food they ordered for free. A glitch in the online food ordering app led to thousands of free food orders.

The glitch occurred on Thursday, July 7, when DoorDash customers noticed their cards weren't being charged for delivery orders.

Hundreds of customers flooded social media showing off large orders of steak, lobster, and top shelf wine at over $1,000 a bottle.

Some customers posted receipts showing thousands of dollars of worth of food they got for free. Ironically, the customers didn't tip their delivery drivers.

DoorDash discovered the problem and attributed it to an error with its payment processing service. The company is working on canceling fraudulent orders.

In a statement to The Street, DoorDash said:

"On the evening of July 7th DoorDash experienced a payment processing issue, and as a result, some users were able to check out without an authorized form of payment for a short period of time," the statement says. "We were subsequently notified that some users were placing fraudulent orders, and we immediately corrected the issue."

DoorDash added:

"We're actively canceling fraudulent orders, and are in touch with merchants impacted to ensure they are compensated for any unauthorized orders they may have received."

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Gov. Brian Kemp says Covid-19 vaccinations will begin within 3 weeks in Georgia. While many Americans express an unwillingness to take mRNA vaccines, a North Carolina-based professor says your diet may prevent Covid-19.

De-Yu-Xie, a professor at NCSU, says "active compounds" in certain foods can fight the virus at the cellular level.

Xie says green tea, muscadine grapes and cacao (dark chocolate) contain anti-viral compounds.

"I hope that more people know that green tea, grapes and cacao have active compounds with anti-SARS-Cov-2 enzyme activity," he said, according to

Xie said many foods contain compounds that can help boost immunity and help prevent the virus.

"Before vaccines are ready, use these functional food and beverage products. My family, my students, and I are doing this way," he said.

"Many foods on our tables, many beverages on your table, in your car — they have generally antiviral activities."

Chemical compounds in foods he cited "can bind to and block the function of a particular enzyme, or protease," NCSU reported.

Xie and his fellow researchers at NCSU stress that there is no cure for a virus. No vaccine can kill a virus and "no medicines can prevent this contagious disease."

Food, beverages and dietary supplements that can help boost immunity include:

1. Green Tea
2. Broccoli Sprouts
3. Garlic
4. Ginger
5. Olive leaf
6. Propolis (produced by bees from tree sap)
7. Reishi Mushrooms
8. Berries
9. Pumpkin seeds
10. Coconut oil

Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider before taking dietary supplements.

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When Mars, Inc. announced Uncle Ben's rice will no longer bear the likeness of a Black man on the packaging, Master P came up with a new product replace it in Black households.

The music mogul said he is launching Master P's white rice to give back to the Black community.

While many in the Black community applauded Quaker and Mars, Inc. for putting an end to racial bias and racist stereotypes, others are disappointed that Black people are being erased from retail products.

Mars, Inc. said the change was long overdue, and the company said it will look at "all possibilities" to replace the familiar logo on it's rice products.

But Master P isn't waiting for corporations to make Black people shareholders.

Master P wrote on Instagram:

"I want to ask y'all one question... Who is Uncle Ben & Aunt Jemima? Our grandparents and minorities 'til this day have been buying these brands for years, thinking it's owned by our people. We have to change that narrative! Uncle P rice and PJ food changing the game. Economic empowerment. The more we make, the more we give. Uncle Ben is a model from the 1940s, just to educate the ones that are curious. #ownership It's time to buy our blocks back, groceries stores, and supply them."

My mom and I don't eat white rice because it's unhealthy. But if Master P sells brown rice, we will definitely try it if he is giving back to the Black community.

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Singer/actress Janelle Monáe is helping to feed the hungry in Atlanta, Georgia by hosting a free food giveaway this weekend.

The "Tightrope" singer and her creative collective The Wondaland Arts Society have partnered with local officials and Hot 107.9 to organize the free lunch giveaway on Sunday, April 26 from 12-3 p.m.

In an announcement shared online, Monáe urged those in need during the ongoing coronavirus crisis to have a "#WONDALUNCH ON US!"

"Drive through and enjoy contact-free boxed lunches + more for you and your family on us!" the post reads. "This is a drive through and walk up food relief effort for the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas in response to covid-19."

"Rain or shine, everyone is welcome!" it adds.

The three-hour event will begin at 12pm EDT, but all families must pre-register, and early arrival is "highly advised".

Beyonce sipping a Slurpee

Are you thirsty?

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven is taking advantage of the free promotional bonanza from pop singer Beyonce. The 34-year-old mother-of-one posted a social media photo of herself sipping a giant Slurpee to promote her music video "7/11" off her upcoming Beyonce Platinum box set.

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Someone in Los Angeles is going around leaving hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars in tips for servers in local bars and restaurants. The servers, waiters and waitresses who are sometimes stiffed on their tips are very grateful for the kindhearted gestures of the anonymous tipster. The person, or persons, who left tips worth $200 to $10,000 for servers, created an Instagram page where servers can upload their receipts called Tipsforjesus. The motto on the @TipsforJesus Instagram page is: "Doing the Lord's work, one tip at a time."

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rescues a little girl's pet cat in this new advertisement promoting the health benefits of drinking milk. The ad copy reads: "Protein to save the day. 8 grams in every 8 oz glass. got milk?" it has just been announced that Johnson, 41, will star in a new reality TV series, in which he lends a helping hand to everyday people who are facing enormous challenges in their lives. Johnson recently faced a challenge of his own when he went under the knife to repair a hernia he suffered from lifting heavy weights. Most weight lifters who suffer a similar injury often resort to taking steroids to bulk up. Image is everything to them.

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    Walmart EBT card stampede

    EBT card holders stormed Walmart stores in Mansfield and Springhill, LA on Sunday after the stores began allowing purchases even though the EBT cards showed no limits due to a nationwide glitch.

    Walmart stampede Panic set in when the EBT machines went down early Sunday all over the country. The panic turned into a stampede when word filtered out to the hood that the Walmart stores were allowing purchases anyway.

    Some shoppers took advantage of the corporate goodwill. One woman rang up a bill of $700.00 but she only had .49 on her card.

    A dispatcher for Mansfield 911 said police were called for crowd control as mainly African American EBT card holders cleared the shelves of food.

    A Mansfield Walmart employee said the store was forced to close at 9 p.m. because there was no food left on the shelves.

    Kayla Whaling, a spokesperson for Walmart, told KSLA News 12 that the company was "fully engaged and monitoring the situation and transactions during the outage."

    KSLA reports there were no arrests.

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    Black diners ejected from restaurant

    A Charleston man who says he and his family were racially discriminated against at a restaurant took his complaints to Facebook, reports Live 5 News. Michael Brown says he and other family members were celebrating at Wild Wing Cafe in North Charleston, when a shift manager asked the raucous party to move to another section because a white customer was uncomfortable.

    "She said there's a situation where one of our customers feels threatened by your party, so she asked us not to seat you in our section, which totally alarmed all of us because we're sitting there peaceably for two hours," explains Brown. "Obviously, if we were causing any conflict, we would have been ejected out of the place hours before."

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    Singer Kelly Rowland recently posed for Britain's version of the 'Got Milk' campaign to raise awareness about the healthy benefits of drinking milk.

    The new posters featuring Kelly wearing the famous milk moustache on her upper lip will be splashed across buses in Britain, according to the Daily Mail.

    "I really believe that looking after your body makes you feel good on the inside and happy on the outside," said Rowland, 30.
    "When I'm feeling fit, I also feel confident and comfortable in my own skin."

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