Beyonce sipping a Slurpee

Are you thirsty?

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven is taking advantage of the free promotional bonanza from pop singer Beyonce. The 34-year-old mother-of-one posted a social media photo of herself sipping a giant Slurpee to promote her music video “7/11” off her upcoming Beyonce Platinum box set.

Beyonce’s product endorsement was unusual in light of the fact that the chain store giant does not have an endorsement deal with the singer. But being late the party has certain advantages. 7-Eleven’s marketing team leaped into action to take full advantage of Beyonce’s early Christmas gift.

7-Eleven is offering free Slurpee frozen beverages to Beyonce’s thirsty Stans if they download a 7-Eleven app from this website.

It’s unfortunate that 7-Eleven would participate in the promotion of a music video in which a mixed race woman wears butt pads while scantily-clad women gyrate seductively around her.

Beyonce sipping a Slurpee

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