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Nick Cannon recently discovered his ancestors are Black and Jewish. “I come from a Jewish family,” Cannon said on Monday, after he discovered his great-grandfather was a “Spanish rabbi.”

On Monday, Cannon appeared on the American Jewish Committee’s online program, AJC Advocacy Anywhere, where he apologized again for insulting the Jewish people.

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Cannon, left, is pictured with his mother, Beth Gardner, and media personality Al B. Sure!, at the Nickelodeon HALO Awards in 2014.

“My mother has been calling me every single day since this happened with so much family history,” Cannon shared. He said his mother told him his “great-grandfather was a Spanish rabbi. He’s a Sephardic Jewish man.”

“So, as much heat as I’ve been catching from the public and the outside, this hit home for my family in a real way because I come from a Black and Jewish family on my mother’s side,” he said.

Cannon is still upset that his friends and fans turned on him after he apologized to the Jewish people.

In social media posts, he wrote that things “couldn’t get any worse” for him, and he hinted at taking his own life after none of his A-list friends rushed to defend him.

“A lot of people may have been upset that I apologized, but I feel like that’s what someone of true character is actually supposed to do when they hurt someone.”

‘Now, let’s get through this process of truth and reconciliation,” he said.

The 39-year-old comedian was fired in July after he labeled white people “savages” who act “evil” and “rob, steal, rape, kill in order to survive” on his podcast show, “Cannon’s Class,”.

The public fallout was swift and harsh as ViacomCBS severed longstanding ties with the comedian, taking millions of dollars in revenue with them.

Cannon’s bank account took another hit as his daytime talk show, The Nick Cannon Show, was delayed until 2021 and his radio show on Power 106, Nick Cannon Mornings, is temporarily suspended.

Since making the controversial comments, Nick has met with rabbis and learned about Judaism during a visit to the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles.