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Wendy Williams's ex-boyfriend and longtime Deejay is threatening to expose her deepest secrets.

DJ Boof took to social media and threatened to expose Ms. Wendy after she unceremoniously fired him and replaced him with DJ Suss One.

Fans of Wendy's daytime talk show noticed Boof was absent when The Wendy Williams Show returned for a 12th season on Monday, Sept. 21.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

DJ Boof, who manned the wheels of steel on Wendy's show for years, was romantically linked to the 55-year-old after her bitter divorce from husband Kevin Hunter last year.

During an Instagram Live session, DJ Boof threatened to air out some of Wendy's dirty laundry.

"Sh*t about to be crazy y’all," he said, before adding: "God don't like ugly. This little DJ is powerful. I didn't know I was this powerful. I didn't know I had this much weight. I did not know the sort of people I know, the sort of handle I got."

He continued: "I feel thankful, I'm blessed. I'm thankful, you know, you never know who really f**ks with you. God don't like ugly, and when I say sh*t about to be crazy, it's about to be crazy."

Responding to a comment from someone who said he "got the juice," Boof said: "I don't got the juice, I don't got the tea, I got the f**kin' coffee."

But insiders say Wendy is unbothered because Boof signed a NDA that prohibits him from discussing her personal business -- otherwise he would've spilled the tea already.