Photo may have been deleted

Kourtney Kardashian sparked fury on social media when she shared a warning that disposable face masks may cause cancer.

On Halloween, the reality TV personality and socialite posted a now-deleted meme that read, “Those Blue Masks Mandated at grocery stores & airplanes are made of PTFE, a carcinogen made of synthetic fluoride.”

According to OSHA mask experts, the blue face masks contain Teflon and other chemicals.

Masks are “sterilized” with Ethylene Oxide and PTFE and other chemicals that are known carcinogens.

The masks are meant to be worn for short periods of time (up to 3 hours) and then discarded and exchanged for a new mask.

People who wear masks for extended periods of time (all day) complain of headaches, dizziness, and lightheaded symptoms.

The American Cancer Society disputed the claim. “There is no evidence to support the claim that the presence of PTFE in a mask causes cancer,” Dr. William Cance, chief medical and scientific officer of the ACS, told The NY Post.

“As a surgical oncologist, I, along with thousands of colleagues in the health-care profession, have been wearing masks for years to protect patients from the spread of infections.”