Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Black Lives Matter D.C. chapter has gone on the attack against Black Lives Matter's national leadership for what they say is a failure to support local chapters.

In a series of tweets on Monday, BLM DC slammed BLM national for undermining "the work & integrity of local chapters."

Among BLM DC's complaints are a lack of accounting to show where the millions in donations went.

BLM DC tweeted: "We demand full financial transparency and accountability to all chapters."

"Despite millions being donated to the network, local chapters have lacked support & resources from national leadership. As a result, much of our local community work continues to be erased. #BlackLivesMatter #BLM10."

"As a result of national leadership's actions, several local chapters have had the integrity of their community work questioned. We cannot afford to stay silent any longer."

"As we collectively determine next steps, we encourage our supporters to organize with and donate directly to chapters, who represent the frontline of Black Lives Matter."

It sounds like the Black members of Black Lives Matter haven't received the memo that the election is over and they were used as pawns in an elaborate political scheme.