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Hours after celebrating his 26th birthday in Atlanta last week, rapper Lil Baby allegedly enjoyed a brief encounter with an OnlyFans adult film actress who talks too much.

Ms. London claims the rapper allegedly paid her $6,000 to do what his baby mama, Jayda Cheaves, won’t do.

“Ok I’m home, 6k richer & full of 1942,” London wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “The best d*ck I ever had came from a millionaire who didn’t say more than two full sentences to me,” she tweeted. “He literally beat me to the mattress soon as I got in the room… Not dropping no names, but jayda not leaving this man ever,”

Lil Baby wasted no time slamming the sex worker for being unprofessional.

“Y’all need to stop the desperate shit,” he tweeted. “When shit going good watch for the devil!”

But Ms. London shared a DM exchange in which he reportedly told her: “What’s the point of paying if you do all that !! You fuccin the game up !! If I pay for pussy youn supposed to speak on it. That’s bad business mama.”

London promised to provide video of their raunchy encounter, but so far she has not produced the goods.

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Meanwhile, Lil Baby’s 23-year-old fiancee, Jayda, is unbothered by the allegations. She’s been down this road before when other groupies leaked details of their encounters with the rapper.

As long as Lil Baby pays her bills and drops a Hermès bag on her every time he cheats, she’s good.