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Tessica Brown regrets sharing her hair-raising Gorilla Glue story on social media.

Brown became a minor celebrity overnight — racking up 700,000 followers on Instagram — after she shared her story about spraying Gorilla Glue in her hair.

Tessica said she took her story online to seek help and not for clout, cash and glory — as many have suggested.

She tells Entertainment Tonight that she’s “over it”.

“The reason I went to the internet because I was never going to take this to social media [but] the reason I took it to social media was because I didn’t know what else to do,” she explained. “I knew somebody out there, somebody, could have told me something. I didn’t think for one second it was going to be everywhere.”

When asked how she’s dealing with public scrutiny that she made up the story about spraying glue in her hair, Brown denied it was a publicity stunt.

“Again, it never was — who in they right mind would have just said, ‘Oh, let me just spray this on my head and I’m going to become famous overnight?’ Never. Who would want that?”

Asked if she regretted it, Brown replied, “Definitely. I told my son today, I wish I could just, I mean, go back. Because I’m over it.”

Brown denied a TMZ report that she’d hired an attorney to pursue a lawsuit against the maker of Gorilla Glue.

“No, I’ve never ever said that,” she said. “Again, I don’t know where all of this is coming from. Because, at this point, everybody is saying it.”

Watch the full interview below.