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Facebook, JPSO

A Louisiana realtor was fatally shot during the sale of a dirt bike that he arranged on social media.

Joseph Vindel, 29, was shot and killed as he sat in his SUV around 10 a.m. Sunday. Police say Vindel left his New Orleans home in his black SUV to meet with Jalen Harvey, 20, at his apartment complex in Jefferson Parish.

JPSO Captain Jason Rivarde tells PEOPLE Harvey shot Vindel multiple times, then shoved his body into the back seat before driving the SUV with the dirt bike on a trailer to New Orleans' Garden District.

Rivarde said Harvey abandoned the SUV with Vindel inside and rode the dirt bike back to his apartment complex.

Vindel's family called police to report him missing after he failed to return home.

Police traced the victim to the apartment complex, where they found the dirt bike on a patio outside Harvey's apartment.

Text messages between the two men confirmed the attempted sale, Riverde said.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto said, "It is a $2,800 dirt bike it is not anything that anybody should be shot over," Lopinto said.